Golf Ball Retriever and 2pcs



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It is especially irritating when the ball gets stuck in a water hole or sand trap. It is also difficult to see golf balls that are in the water. You can waste a lot of time trying to chase the golf balls by hand. Not every person has the luxury of hiring a personal caddy to chase their runaway golf balls. Quality golf balls are not cheap; plus, a lot of people go through the extra expensive of having them monogrammed for easy identification on the course. Losing golf balls on the course is like throwing money away. Since some golf courses may charge by the hour, you can also waste valuable time searching for a lost golf ball. If you are tired of bending over and wearing your back out, it is high time to pick this item! Product Description:golf grabber claw,underwater golf ball retriever,extended golf ball retriever,extendable golf ball retriever,golf ball pick up claw,golf equipment accessories,golf ball retriever telescopic,sporting goods men,telescopic grabber,golf ball retriever,ball retriever tool golf,golf ball retriever telescopic,golf ball retriever telescopic 6 ft,golf pole ball retriever,golf ball retriever from water,golf gadgets accessories,golf ball retriever water telescopic,beginner golf accessories,men golf accessories,retractable golf ball retriever,extra long golf ball retriever,golf accessory.
Telescopic : The telescopic golf ball retriever is made of stainless steel, which will not rust even if immersing in the water.Telescopic design, longest length is 1.8 m / 6 ft, can get back your ball from pond, mud, bushes and alligator easily.
Light and Durable: The stainless steel golf ball retriever is durable.But the weight of golf ball retriever telescopic is only 0.37lb. It’s light enough to carry in your golf bag. You won’t feel heavy when using it
Claw with Strong Prong: Enhanced Design with Prongs Resilient to Forced Bends.
Automatic Locking Scoop – The automatic locking device on the scoop prevents the ball from being dropped on retrieval
Best Golf Gift for Men: Our golf ball retriever telescopic is the best golf gift for golfers. A nice golf gift for your grandpa, dad, husband or boyfriend on Father’s day, Valentine’s day, birthday or party. He will love it!


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