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This GOZATO grip ball with 5 color and 5 level for excercise as below:

The package includes 5 balls which come in five different colors and varying resistances of soft, Relatively soft, medium, Relatively firm and firm for your specific needs and allowing you to gradually increase the difficulty of your training as your strength improves.

The five resistance levels also makes this a perfect tool for anyone in the family, mom, dad and kids, to reduce stress and alleviate joint pain. Makes for a great gift!

Yellow — 10 KG (22 pounds)
Orange — 15 KG (33 pounds)
Red — 20 KG (44 pounds)
Blue — 30 KG (66 pounds)
Green — 40 KG (88 pounds)

Choose the size that suits you best and find the suitable resistance for your needs.







Safe and durable

It is made of thermoplastic rubber, which is safe, tasteless and very durable. They will not divide in the oppression.

Small and easy to carry

It is lightweight and small enough to bring with wherever you go and convenient for you to do hand exercise at anytime.

Perfectly sized

Designed in line with ergonomics, fits your palms perfectly, soft for holding in your hands.

Perfect For:


How will this Benefit You?

Improves Hand Endurance, Agility and Flexibility

Most jobs and athletic activities are very strenuous on the fingers, hands or forearm which can hugely affect the quality of work.

These Stress Relief Squeeze Balls help in building strength and increasing mobility in your hands, fingers and forearms, wherein easing and alleviating joint pain and muscle stiffness by promoting blood circulation.

Great for Relieving Stress and Anxiety

Scientific research has shown that occupying your hands with squeezing stress relief ball helps alleviate stress and anxiety. Squeezing these hand therapy exercise balls provides a quiet sensory outlet that tricks your mind to shift from what is stressing you. Helps you feel relaxed, calm and focused. Great for physical and occupational therapy for those with ADHD, OCD, Autism or for stopping bad habits.

What’s Included:

GOZATO extra soft hand therapy exercise ball
GOZATO soft hand therapy exercise ball
GOZATO medium hand therapy exercise ball
GOZATO firm hand therapy ball
GOZATO extra firm hand therapy ball
Satin carry bag
Instructional manual

PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE LEVELS – Progressive levels of resistance allows the difficulty of each workout to be gradually increased as your hand strength and grip improves. The color coded set includes an yellow extra soft exercise ball, a orange soft resistance ball, a red soft medium ball, a blue firm resistance ball and a green extra firm exercise ball. Each resistance level can be utilized in interval training, alternating between the five resistance levels in a single workout.
PERFECTLY SIZED FOR A COMFORTABLE FIT – Sized to comfortably fit adult hands with an outer diameter of 5 cm. Perfectly sized for grip strength training for both men and women, athletes, musicians, office staff and students, as well as those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, phlebotomy grip and rehabilitation needs. Great for relieving stress and anxiety.
DURABLE NONSLIP EXTERIOR – Hand grip therapy balls are constructed with a premium composite material that is odorless and latex free. The lightly textured exterior provides a secure, nonslip surface for gripping. The hand therapy balls retain their shape for extensive usability and are also tear and split-resistant.
GOZATO GUARANTEE – 60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


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