Graves Golf Alignment & Ball Position Trainer (ABT)



Price: $99.95
(as of Jun 18,2020 23:06:48 UTC – Details)

Achieving the ideal ball position and alignment to the target is an important part of great ball-striking. With the GGA Alignment and Ball Position Trainer (ABT), you can achieve Moe Norman’s stance width with every club in the bag, ideal distance from the ball, ideal ball position with woods and irons, and ideal direction and aim. You will be amazed how easy it is to discover: Proper Ball Position Proper Foot Position for Every Club Proper Stance Width for Each Club Proper Lead Food (Stationary Position) The Ideal Trail Foot Radius Correct Feet Position / Angle The Direct Relationship Between Ball Position, Stance Width and Foot Position The ABT teaches the proper alignment to the target, stance width and ball position for perfect ball striking!


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