Hanging Testicles Stress Balls



Product description

We are pleased to introduce NiceBalls to you. NiceBalls is a hanging prosthesis that can be attached to your desktop in a simple, discrete and efficient way. This is an invention that can bring to life the dream that millions of people have fulfilled for centuries: be productive while playing with your balls. NiceBalls is built with love, its suspension speed creates a Euclidean curve that promotes relaxation and provides those few escape moments that we all need from time to time. Thus, after playing with your balls for some time, you can switch back to the “kill your balls” mode. This soothing, functional stress relieving product takes therapy to the next level and provides an amazingly thought out birthday service, a hand strengthening tool and a stress reliever. NiceBalls has made its way to all corners of the world, feeling for NiceBalls is slowly contributing to world peace due to less stress. Last year, we introduced the world to the Niceballs prototype. In just a few days, this idea aroused media interest from around the world. We have received letters in more than 30 different languages. Everyone wanted their pair of Niceballs! So much so that we decided to continue to make them, of course, for the benefit of mankind. Would you like to help us make Niceballs a reality? Buy with confidence, they are so convenient to comprehend!

Help maintain your sanity during a busy week by fondling a beautiful and plump pair of balls. This smooth pair of hanging testicles can be placed on any table, promoting relaxation in such a way as to fit only the compression of a pair of juicy marmalade beans.


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