Harry Taylor HT-1000 Laser



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(as of Mar 29,2021 00:56:59 UTC – Details)

EASY TO USE, ACCURATE: Quick and simple to use “Flag-lok” technology provides both visual and vibrating cues when you’ve locked on to the target. Long-lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery will keep you in operation all day on just one charge. Plus, whether you decide to use slope mode on not, best in class laser technology will give you the exact yardage on our easy-to-read LCD screen every time. HOW IT WORKS HT-1000 has a range of up to 1000 yards with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Features “Clearview” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), an adjustable eyepiece with a 6X magnification, and “Flag-Lok” technology that provides both visual and physical (vibration) verification when you’ve locked on to the flag. “CLEARVIEW” LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY (LCD) : The HT-1000 has a 6X adjustable eyepiece that allows you to focus the view to your preferences. Aim the circled center cross hairs directly at your target and the HT-1000 will quickly and easily acquire your target. “FLAG-LoK” TECHNOLOGY: Receive both visual and physical confirmation when you’ve locked onto the flag. View your target with our 6X LCD Viewfinder, click one button, and when locked on the HT-1000 will vibrate, display the distance, and, if you choose, provide a slope adjusted distance as well. SLOPE ADJUSTED DISTANCE: The Harry Taylor HT-1000 can adjust for slopes on a golf course as drastic as 45 degrees. When Slope adjustment is on, the Clearview LCD will display 2 different distances. Above the cross hairs the actual distance, below the cross hairs the Slope adjusted distance. Degrees of slope used for the adjustment is also displayed. Slope feature can be turned off for tournament play. EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The HT-1000 is rechargeable, featuring a lithium-ion battery. Includes water-resistant laser rangefinder, protective case, carabiner, charging cord, safety strap, cleaning cloth, and operating instructions. Optional Magnetic Holder available (Additional $19.99). 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

1000 Yard Range
Slope Measurement On/Off (Tournament Ready)
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Water Resistant
Pulse Vibration Technology


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