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Hayabusa Logo Banner Image of Red Hand WrapsHayabusa Logo Banner Image of Red Hand Wraps

Hayabusa’s Perfect Stretch Mexican Boxing Hand Wraps

Our Mexican style hand wraps can be worn on their own for speed bag work or with your gloves when striking the heavy bag, target mitts or sparring. Our latex-free cotton nylon elastic blend is breathable and conforms to your hand and wrist like a second skin providing a comfortable fit and feel. Featuring an extra-wide hook-and-loop closure system with a thumb loop for a custom fit. Cleaning your wraps is easy as they are machine washable and dryer safe so you can have them cleaned up in no time for your next training sessions. Designed to help support and protect your hands and wrists with the comfort, and convenience you expect in a Mexican Style hand wrap.

Package Contains: (2) wraps (1) for each hand that measures 2 inches wide by 180 inches long.


Breathable and fast drying Mexican style hand wraps
Thumb loop
Extra-wide hook & loop velcro closure
Latex fee soft semi-elastic cotton-nylon blend
2 inches wide by 180 inches long
Machine washable and dryer safe
Best for: Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Krav Maga

Image of Red Mexican Style Hand WrapsImage of Red Mexican Style Hand Wraps

Mexican Style Vs. Traditional

The breathable elastic-cotton is stretchier than traditional 100% cotton wraps, which have no give. Most strikers prefer Mexican wraps because they conform to your hand and have a much more flexible fit and feel.

Designed with performance in mind

Perfect stretch conforms to your hand

Thumb loop Never comes loose

Highly durable

Non-restrictive fit

High-quality stitching

The Hayabusa Experience

Image of woman using red hand wraps

Image of woman using red hand wraps

Image of all hand wrap colors

Image of all hand wrap colors

Image of Green hand wrap

Image of Green hand wrap

Preventing Injuries

Your pre-training rituals should always begin with wrapping your hands. It protects the tiny bones around your knuckles and supports your wrists to prevent awkward bends.

Endures Every Round

Perfect stretch wraps are made with durable, semi-elastic cotton that can really take a beating round after round, wash after wash.

Secure Fit

These wraps conform to your hands to fit comfortably and securely. At 180-inches long, they are the perfect length to get a protective fit without feeling bulky under your gloves.

Image of Red Mexican Style Hand WrapsImage of Red Mexican Style Hand Wraps


We are part of the lifestyle of combat sports and understand the sacrifices required to pursue and attain your goals. Over the years, Hayabusa has developed a reputation for delving deep into the data, performing scientific research studies and applying community feedback to conceive, develop and produce high-quality products.

Our objective is to raise the bar for the entire industry, improving the quality and protection offered by the equipment we train with every day. We do that by challenging the status quo. We look at every single component of a product and we ask ourselves, ‘Can we make it better?’ That’s what Hayabusa stands for.


Hayabusa is the Japanese word for the Peregrine Falcon. Even though it is small, it is the deadliest, fastest and most agile bird of prey in the world. This is why it is a symbol of who we are: we are nimble, we move fast and react quickly.


Leading the combat industry with technological advancements to increase the safety and performance of our products for our consumers, we have amassed a large portfolio of intellectual property. We have been granted numerous equipment based patents globally and these technical discoveries have led and will continue to lead to the creation of superior products.

With approximately 20 patent and patent pending filings, 65 registrations, applications and protected designs worldwide, we continue to expand and develop further advancements to continuously evolve the combat industry.

MEXICAN STYLE: Designed having the perfect latex-free Cotton elastane blend provides the exact stretch you need. Not too much stretch not to little and ultra soft feel.
FIT & FEEL: The extra wide hook and loop closure system with a thumb loop and ‘THIS SIDE UP’ label ensure a secure and custom fit every time you train.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our hand wraps are washer and dryer safe. It’s recommended that you use a mesh bag and wash with similar colors.
PACKAGE INFO – Package contains (2) wraps one for each hand 180 inches long x 2 inches wide. Whether your training for MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Krav Maga these hand wraps are a must have


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