hOmeLabs True HEPA H13 Air



Price: $39.99 - $29.99
(as of Apr 10,2021 11:17:30 UTC – Details)

hOmeLabs HEPA H13 Air Purifier Replacement Filter has a 3-stage purifying technology that includes a pre-filter, HEPA H13 and activated carbon filter. Altogether, this may help to eliminate dust, soot, pet dander and other unwanted indoor smells.
3-stage filtration includes a pre-filter, HEPA H13 and activated carbon filter that effectively removes airborne particles from indoor air.
This replacement filter is specifically made for use with the hOmeLabs portable HEPA H13 air purifier, a quiet compact air purifier for small spaces.
It is made with an activated filter that effectively removes odor from cooking and cigarette smell if you have smokers at home or in your office.
This replacement filter lasts upto 2100 hours equivalent to 90 days or 3 months depending on use and indoor air quality. Refer to the manual that comes with this product for the easy replacement instructions.


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