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hot glue gunhot glue gun

glue gunglue gun


Artoful focuses on an excellent user experience and is committed to creating a first-class and cost-effective hot glue gun.
Since the establishment of Artoful, we have been committed to providing customers with the best shopping experience.
We pride ourselves in ensuring the customer experience. Our business model has enabled our premium quality products to be marketed at friendly prices for the customer.

Create New Life

Unique Innovative Design:

1.Different from others on the market, this glue gun uses a unique box which is made of polypropylene material and can also be used as a multifunctional storage box.

2.The ceramic heater heats up quickly, which can not only make the glue stick melt perfectly, but also control the maximum temperature to prevent users from being burned.

3.Independent switch, You can master the rhythm of work, press the ”OFF“ button to stop working without pulling the plug.


Input/output: 110V/40W

Max Temperature: 165°C/329°F

Power Cord Length: 57inches

Size(Glue Sticks): 0.28 inches

Size(Hot Glue Gun): 6.3×6.3 x 2.12 inches

glue gun

glue gun

glue gun

glue gun

hot glue gun

hot glue gun

Durable Gun

The structure of the glue gun is simple and durable. The PTC temperature control system has been tested tens of thousands of times to provide you with a perfect experience.

Comfortable Handle

The glue gun is designed with an ergonomic handle, which is very comfortable to hold.Even if you work for a long time, you will not feel tired.

Convenient Switch

The handle of the glue gun has an independent switch.Do not keep the glue gun energized for a long time. Press “OFF” when you want to stop temporarily.

hot glue gun

hot glue gun

hot glue gun with glue sticks

hot glue gun with glue sticks

glue gun

glue gun


This glue gun uses high-quality rubber, which has been technologically upgraded to solve the problem of glue gun leakage. Therefore, even if the glue gun is knocked over while standing, there will be no glue leakage.

Brass Outlet

The nozzle of the glue gun is made of aluminum alloy, which is resistant to high temperature and not easy to damage.The rubber sleeve installed on the gun nozzle can effectively prevent scalding.

Helpful Tips

Don’t directly touch the nozzle of the gun while working; Don’t pull the glue stick backward; Don’t disassemble the glue gun by yourself; Don’t fold the power cord.

glue gunglue gun

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Package Size

6.3″ ×6.3“×1.97”




Hot Glue Gun and 20 Pcs Hot Glue Sticks

20 Pcs Hot Glue Sticks

20 Pcs Colourful Hot Glue Sticks

Transparent Box

Perfect Temperature Control System: When the tpc temperature control system is working, the glue stick will be heated to 329 degrees Fahrenheit, and the glue will be more delicate. The green shell can effectively isolate the temperature and prevent burns, but never directly let the skin directly touch the nozzle and glue
Buy One Get Three: In addition to the efficient and durable glue gun, 20pcs glue sticks and three finger protection sleeves are also delivered. You can start creating directly, fully equipped with ARTOFUL glue gun
Wide Range of Uses: RJ804 glue gun is widely used, suitable for daily furniture restoration, parent-child activity creation, and even professional manual activities. The glue sticks delivered are used in a variety of materials, such as foam, cardboard, fabric, particle board and light weight metal
UL-CERTIFIED Wires: Be careful! Poor quality wires are both a fire hazard & an electrical shock hazard! Most generic hot glue guns wires are NOT manufactured to North American safety standards & are NOT safety certified. Underwriters Laboratories “UL” is the industry standard for North American safety certification. UL Certification ain’t cheap, but we’re proud to say we won’t sell a hot melt gun without it.


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