How my Immune System beat



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We have become a pro-cancer society and our environment (internal and external) is both the cause of diseases and the key to our health. Most of what industrials sell us is carcinogenic, from the toxic processed food and food-by products, pesticides, food preservatives, antibiotics in our meat, plastic particles in our water, mercury in our fish, air, water and soils pollution, stress, lack of physical activities, toxic relationships, over consumption of medical drugs, over-vaccinations, hours of seating in front of a screen, and much more… Yes, we have become a sick and pro-cancer society. But the good news is, it is easy to make just a few changes to improve our health and our lives.In September 2020, a few weeks before my 48th birthday, I was diagnosed with stage-3 genetic colon cancer. Against all odds, I took a leap of faith and decided to treat myself naturally, without destroying my body or my immune system. This book will teach you how I did it.


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