How to Research for Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting



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Treasure hunting is all about research. Jars of gold coins are hard to find. Even harder if the treasure hunter doesn’t do proper research. Ever wanted to learn how to find virgin coinhunting spots? Or get leads on buried caches of coins? The research methods are presented herein, but only for those who want to learn the craft.
Within these pages you will find wisdom and knowledge of how to do proper research for treasure hunting and metal detecting. Written by a seasoned professional who is retiring from the field and wants to show others how to be great at researching treasure leads and coinhunting sites.

This is a substantial book with depth of knowledge. Over 200 pages in print form. Very much over and above the thin treasure booklets that are available elsewhere. This book covers the meat and bones of research in such depth that even librarians have learned from it.

Chapters of interest:
-Obtaining Treasure Leads
-Purging Treasure Leads
-A Primer on Internet Searching
-Research Tools
-Authority Rank or "Should I trust that guy?"
-Map Resources
-State Library
-Research Workflow
-How to Do Proper Reconnaissance
-Treasure Sense and Common Sense
-Hunt Locally, Research Locally
-Record Keeping
-Example Workflows
-Wizard’s First Rule and the KGC


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