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Learn to Make & Alter Dresses, Skirts, and Shirts, Slacks Add Pockets, Frills, Buttons, Zippers & So Much More

Look in your closet, how many dresses, skirts, slack, and shirts are there that you or your significant other can’t wear anymore either because they are too big or too small? How about that old favorite dress or slacks with a broken zipper, buttons or hooks? Do you have a dress you wish there were little frills on the front of it? Or that shirt, wish it had a pocket? Let me show you how easily you can get all of these done in no time, just follow my instruction and look at the image.

I have been sewing for over 21 years now. I have taught dressmaking to alternation in various setting for the last eleven years. I designed this guide for anyone who wants to learn alteration of any and all wearables both for women and men. You DO NOT need to be a master in sewing to get started, I promise you. Just follow the steps and watch the images I shared in this guide, and you will be on your way in no time.

This Illustrated Guide to Advanced Dressmaking & Alteration Book is a Two-Part Guide. In the first part of I show you all the advanced steps and inner workings of custom dressmaking. In the second part, I show you how to alter many types of garments in a few simple steps.

Here is a Glimpse of What I Shared in This Book:

  • Explanation of all Garment Components
  • How to Control Fullness
  • Darts & Dart Manipulation Methods
  • What & How to Make Various Types of Pleats
  • What & How to Make Perfect Gathers
  • What is Shirring & How to Shirr Fabric the Proper Way
  • What & How to Make Proper Smocking
  • How to Make 6 Types of Sleeves
  • How to Make Proper Sleeve/Bodice Combination
  • How to Develop Sleeve Patterns
  • How to Make & Attach all 5 Popular types of Pockets
  • How to Make all 11 Types of Popular Dress Necklines
  • How to Make Various Types of Collars
  • How to Make 3 types of Yokes
  • How to Make 3 Types of Cuffs
  • How to Make 4 Types of Waistbands
  • How to Pick & Attach the Proper Fasteners (Buttons, Hooks, Zippers & Velcro)
  • How to add Pockets
  • How to add Cuffs & Collars
  • How to Change a Knife Pleated Dress to a Box Pleated Skirt
  • How to Change Dress Neckline & sleeves
  • How to Replace a Zipper Fly

And so much more.

BONUS – If you buy the Paperback version from Amazon, you can download the eBook Version for FREE, so you can see all the images in FULL COLOR


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