ImpiriLux Inflatable Two Sided Karate and Boxing Punching Bag | Includes One Inflatable 5 Foot Tall Bop Bag with Illustration of a Karate Master on One Side and Boxer on Reverse Side (2019 Edition)

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Imagenius ToysImagenius Toys

Presenting the Ultimate 5 Foot Tall Inflatable Karate and Boxing Punching Bag

Punching bag in the parkPunching bag in the park

Kids and parents love the Imagenius Toys Karate and Boxing Inflatable Bop Bag as a fun healthy way to be physically active and let off steam indoors and outdoors.
Your children can practice martial arts or let their imaginations run wild as they fight the boxer and karate master.
Helps younger children develop coordination and motor skills. Contributes to agility and strengthening for older children.
Customers report our punching bags are therapeutic by allowing children and adults to get our aggression and relieve stress in a controlled manner.
Designed for ages 3 years and up.

Double sided

Double sided

Bop bag for boys and girls

Bop bag for boys and girls

Gift box

Gift box

Double Sided

For Double the Fun

Boxer side inspires kids to show off their boxing moves like a champion.
Karate master Side makes as an excellent target for karate chops and kicks.

Ideal Height

For Everyone

The free standing 5 foot tall punching bag can be enjoyed by kids, teens and adults.
One of the tallest illustrated bop bags on the market.

Makes a Great Gift

For any Occasion

Packaged in a handsome retail box
Makes a great gift for boys and girls.
Perfect for birthdays, family & friend gatherings, Christmas, Hanukkah or a gift just because!

Split View

Split View



Thick Vinyl Fabric for Durability

Thick Vinyl Fabric for Durability

Fast Bounce Back

Fast Bounce Back

Beautifully Illustrated

Realistic Artwork

The beautiful copyrighted artwork and design are unique and engaging.
Fun to play with and looks good in the house.

Totally Safe

Because Safety Matters

3rd party laboratory tested.
Conforms to USA toy safety standards.
Soft air filled toy will not hurt little hands. No gloves needed.

Thick Vinyl Fabric

Superior Durability

Intended to withstand punching and kicking.
Upgraded vinyl thickness and precision welding makes it stronger than ever.
Each piece is inflated with air to test for leaks for 12 hrs prior to packaging.

Fast Bounce Back

Makes Great Exercise

Fill the bottom chamber with water or sand.
The more it is filled, the faster it bounces back.


60 inches

48 Inches

48 inches

60 inches

60 inches


1 Plush Nun-Chuck

2 Foam Swords

1 Mini Football and 1 Mini Baseball

3 Mini Footballs

Thumbs upThumbs up

ONE INFLATABLE WITH TWO SIDES – Beautifully illustrated on both sides so kids can practice their karate moves on one side and then turn the bag around to practice their boxing moves on the other side. Standing at a great height of 5 feet, it’s even large enough for teens and adults. For ages 3 years and up.
SUPERIOR QUALITY and SAFETY- Updated with thicker vinyl fabric and precision welding to make one of the most durable inflatable punching bags on the market. Safety matters so our products are 3rd party lab tested to conform to the newest government safety standards. Each product is checked for defects by a 12 hour quality assurance inflation test.
GREAT WAY TO GET ENERGY OUT – Get the younger and older kids away from the screen and physically active. They can punch and kick the bag as much as they want and not hurt anyone.
QUICK SETUP – First fill the water-tight bottom chamber of the unit with water or sand to keep it upright. Then fill the top with air.
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Providing quality products and customer Satisfaction is our priority. Love the punching bag or return it for a refund. Contact us for any questions or comments.


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