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Price: $27.99
(as of Apr 13,2021 18:35:30 UTC – Details)

Material: Made of high quality PVC
Size: 63 x 22 inch
Package include: 1 x Punching bag

1. First open the rubber stopper and plastic cover in the base.
2. Next, Filling the base with water or sand as you like to keep it stand stable on the ground (recommended injection volume is greater than 15L or 4 Gallons) inject water or sand or rice into the outer casing and plug the rubber stopper and lid.
3. Finally, inflate the top part using mouth or pump

1. Please pay attention to the order of operation, otherwise the Inflatable Punching Bag will not be filled with air.
2. Be sure to optimistic about your child, don’t let them scratch it with sharp things.
3. Please keep it away from knife and other sharp things.
4. Please keep it away from sun exposure and fire.

【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】The boxing punching bag is made of high quality PVC material, lightweight and leak-proof, the bottom has thickened design, more thicker and durable. With good flexibility and fast rebound.
【FREE-STANDING AND SAFE】This kids inflatable punching bag is 63inches tall, suitable for kids and adults, the inflatable boxing bag has two compartment, bottom chamber is for water or sand to increase weight to keep it stand stable on the ground, the upper part is filled with air, it will more safe and comfortable, even if it is used by children, it will not hurt.
【MULTIFUNCTION】The boxing punching bag suitable for kids and adults boxing training, karate practicing, improves agility and hand-eye coordination, this punching bag not also help burns calories and releases stress, but also help increase parent-child relationship. When the whole family all exercise, you can enjoy happy time with the kids, no matter play indoor or outdoor.
【HOW TO USE】Open the bottom water inlet, add water or sand and tighten the lid. Then use the air pump fill the air to the boxing punch bag bottom, middle, and top, afterward you can use it. When not in use, it can be emptied and folded into small size for storage, ready for next time use. (Warm tips:our packing does not include air pump)
【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE 】 We had did a leak test of the product before delivery. There were no obvious leaks in the air-filled boxing bag during a month. The product has 90-day warranty period. If you get a defective product, please contact us as soon as possible. We will replace you with a new product or offer you money back guarantee.


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