Intermittent Fasting: Lose up



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We know that the act of losing weight is complex, but I also believe that when there is willpower there is not enough obstacle to stop obstinacy.

To reach the goal, you need the theoretical side to work in tandem with the practical side. Basically, it is essential that your thoughts and actions reflect your will. It’s no good talking about wanting to lose weight and not changing sabotaging habits related to food.

Remember to always consult a doctor. There is no point in changing your meals or simply not eating. The popular expression “an empty bag cannot stand upright” is true! In this case, you can talk to a nutritionist, a nutrologist or an endocrinologist.

If you have purchased this book it is because you feel you need to lose weight, but first I would like you to honestly answer for yourself, these following questions:

Why do you believe you need to lose weight?

What will you achieve by losing weight? Physical disposition? Self-esteem?

Will you have a more active social life?

The sincere answers to these questions will be of great importance in your weight loss process. Trust in yourself, trust in God and know that by following the proposal in this book, you will conquer your desired body, thus improving your health, your self-esteem, your relationships, in short, all areas of your life.

I wish you, dear reader, much success, good reading and good health.


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