Iron Man Mark IV Armor



hot glue, EVA foam, contact glue, leds, PLA, Foamed Polyethylene


This is the replica of the complete IronMan Armor Mark VII of the Marvel universe!
The armor is completely customizable in sizes, colours and details.
The article is handmade, entirely realized in yoga-mat or high density foam and it’s very light and comfortable.


The armor is ispirated by “The Avengers” movies. Once all the armor is assembled, are passed 2 coats of liquid rubber and subsequently painted with acrylic colors.
After painting, the “electrical system” is installed, which includes the eyes lights, the Arc reactor in the chest, and the hands repulsors lights!
Armor set includes:
– Shoes, Shins, Thighs, Abs, Chest, Arms, Gloves with fingers, Shoulder, Neck and Helmet. Iron Man Mark IV Armor

Choose the most suitable version:
-Raw Version: is unpainted and without LEDs.
-Complete Version: is painted and with LEDs in the eyes, reactor and hands.
-With motorized helmet: is the same of the complete version, but with a printed 3D motorized helmet.

The armor is perfect for high quality cosplay, contests and photosets, as birthday present, or decoration for your room, but above all it will make you feel like a real hero!

Once ordered we’ll provide you the file for your body measurements. Iron Man Mark IV Armor


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