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IXIA Sports TPM golf putting training aid toolIXIA Sports TPM golf putting training aid tool

True Pendulum Motion (TPM), a golf putting training tool by IXIA Sports, is a U.S. patented putting training tool that will to help your putting stroke immediately.

James SieckmannJames Sieckmann

“The TPM is a great tool to learn the feel of the proper blending of all the moving parts in your stroke. It’s simple and effective and has dramatically helped some of my students improve.”

James Sieckmann

2018 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year

Top 50 Teacher in America (Golf Digest)

Top 100 Teacher in America (Golf Magazine)

Cameron McCormickCameron McCormick

“TPM is a very effective tool to allow a player to feel what it is to make a unified balanced movement thus allowing for the most essential physical abilities of start line precision and force control to flourish.”

Cameron McCormick

Long Time Coach of Jordan Spieth

Atlus Performance


Golf Channel's School of Golf

Golf Channel's School of Golf

True Pendulum Motion for Golf Putting

True Pendulum Motion for Golf Putting

TPM putter putting aid tool golf

TPM putter putting aid tool golf

TPM golf putting aid used on tour top instructors

TPM golf putting aid used on tour top instructors

TPM was featured on the Golf Channel’s School of Golf as a top putting training aid.

TPM will give you the feeling of the correct movements that produce a perfect pendulum putting stroke — the easiest way to consistently hole more putts!

TPM easily attaches to ANY putter and you can use ANY grip style you prefer!

TPM is used by professionals on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, European Tour, Web.com Tour, and Symetra Tour. TPM is also used by top instructors and academies!

Not Just A Training Aid

Your purchase of TPM comes with instructional videos from 3 of the top coaches in the game:

James Sieckmann
Chris Mayson
Corey Lundberg

Putting lessons from these world class instructors are well over the cost of TPM. The best part is that you can practice at your convenience!

Your Purchase Includes The Following:

TPM (2 adjustable length aluminum rods + rubber connector)

Instructional Insert

Access to 3 sets of instructional videos by top instructors

TOUR APPROVED: Train only with the best! TPM is a golf training aid used by Tour professionals on the PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, and Web.com. In addition, it is also currently being used at the following top golf academies for pros in golf training: IMG Golf Academy, David Leadbetter Golf Academy, Sea Island Golf Performance Institute, Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy.
INSTANT FEEDBACK: The best instructors in the game swear by TPM because of the ease of use and teaching the proper putting stroke. This golf putting aid is made to start you off on the right foot with a travel-friendly set of adjustable alignment rods (29″-50″ long) and a universal connector that works on any putter shaft and you can use any grip style that you prefer. Your best game can be achieved in as little as five minutes. Please note that a golf putter is NOT included in your purchase.
FOR BOTH AMATEURS AND PROS ALIKE: IXIA Sports created a golf putting trainer for both amateurs and pros alike, with one major goal in mind: to achieve repeatable consistency for confidence that lends itself well to better putting, and, ultimately, to a better game. The TPM golf practice aid was featured on Golf Channel’s School of Golf as a top putting training tool for everyone.
NOT JUST A TRAINING AID: TPM golf practice aid comes with online links attached to the IMPORTANT: The Rest of Your Order email that we are sending after your order. This will help you access 3 sets of instructional videos by some of the top instructors in golf. It’s like having 3 different golf training lessons all centered around TPM even in the comfort of your own home.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: This U.S. patented golf putting training aid will work for you, and if you’re unsatisfied with TPM for any reason, then contact us for a full refund.


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