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Designed to keep you in motion. The Jarvis Bamboo sit stand desk is the perfect adjustable height desk for environmentally and aesthetically conscious standing desk users. Our bamboo desktop was made sustainably and without pesticides or fertilizers, and its beautiful color comes naturally from the kiln, and not from chemicals or stains.

Custom-made vs. off-the-shelf components. Our aim has been to create the desk that has it all— it’s attractive, balanced, affordable, and easy to assemble.

Leading 350 lb. lifting capacity and 25.5” of height adjustability with a top height of 51”. The LED programmable push-button memory handset gets you changing positions with speed and ease.

Small details = huge difference. We build our frame with heavier steel feet (not aluminum) and a lifting column that’s wider at the bottom to make a more grounded, less wobbly, top heavy desk. We added rubber grommets to cut down on the noise and vibration. And we’ve hidden the exterior hardware to make a cleaner look.

Simple set-up. We’re known among customers for our easy-to-follow instructions. You can do it!

Jarvis bamboo is available in three sizes and four colors to match any office and a selection of accessories that have been perfected for maximum lovability.

Jarvis standing desk from fully ergonomic office desk

Wirecutter’s #1 standing desk for four years running.

This desk was specially designed to be as attractive, secure, and easy to put together as possible.

Fully a brand for standing and adjustable desks focused on ergonomic living active lifestyle health

About Fully

At Fully, we work hard to help people show up more fully at work and in life. We do it by selling desks, chairs and things that keep your body moving.

From our popular Jarvis adjustable standing desks to our every-which-way active office chairs, to our many movement supporting accessories – anti-fatigue mats, treadmill desks and more – Fully is all about helping you bring more movement, energy and joy to your work and life.


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