JEF World of Golf Power Stick Golf Swing Training Aid

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The Power Stick trains your muscles, creating proper lag, timing, and release.

Lag occurs when the wrists remain in a strong, cocked position during the downswing, causing the clubhead to – you got it! – lag well behind the hands.

When the wrists finally uncock, the clubhead explodes into the ball with vicious speed.

The Power Stick is about the length of a standard driver, and you swing it without hitting a golf ball

This means you can use it virtually anywhere

The NEW, UNIQUE, and INNOVATIVE Power Stick helps boost your clubhead speed, increasing your drive distance!

Faster means Farther!

Tests have proven that every mile per hour of increased clubhead speed equals about 2½ extra yards. After just 20 swings daily with the Power Stick, you’ll see increases of up to 8 mph in your clubhead speed – adding as much as 20 extra yards to your drives!


When you swing the Power Stick toward the impact position, the Shuttle slides down the shaft.

When you fully release (uncock) your wrists and hands, the Shuttle hits the stopper at the bottom of the shaft with a loud SMACK!

That instant AUDIBLE feedback is the key! THE SMACK! tells you everything you need to know.

power stick swing too early

power stick swing too early

power stick swing just right

power stick swing just right

power stick swing too late

power stick swing too late

SMACK!! – EARLY release

If you release too early, you’ll hear and feel the SMACK! before the clubhead reaches the impact position.

SMACK!! – PERFECT release

But when you get your timing just right, you’ll be rewarded with a crisp, satisfying SMACK! when the Power Stick is exactly where the ball would be.

Plus, the faster you swing, the louder the SMACK! And the LOUDER the SMACK!, the LONGER your drives.

SMACK!! – LATE release

Release too late and you’ll hear the SMACK! after the club has passed the contact zone.

Adjustable Training!

The Shuttle is held in place by an Adjustable Magnet featuring five resistance settings, numbered 1 to 5.

Lower numbers require less speed to release the Shuttle and start it down the shaft. Higher numbers require more speed.

As you build more speed into your swing, simply adjust the dial to a higher setting so it’s harder to release the shuttle. And make no mistake – you will

build more speed!

Accuracy Matters!

So far, we’ve focused mostly on how the Power Stick can jack up your distance. But as every golfer knows, accuracy also matters.

If you want the loudest possible SMACK! at exactly the right time, you must swing the Power Stick with sound mechanics. In short, the lower body must lead the downswing, starting a chain reaction that brings the shoulders, arms, and hands hurtling with controlled fury into the impact zone.

Let’s recap!

Regular training with the Power Stick:

• Escalates your swing speed

• Lengthen your drives

• Sharpens your accuracy

• Hones your ball-striking

• Enhances your consistency

• Lowers your scores … And at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Increase driver speed and distance off the tee
Add 10+ yards with the rest of your clubs
Groove a textbook downswing
Improve contact, accuracy and consistency


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