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100% Natural Rubber

Made of 100% natural rubber and non woven polyester felt fabric, provides high cross-force, wear-resisting and smooth hand feel

More visual definition and comfort

Deep elastic seams for reduced cracking

KEVENZ Green Advanced Training Tennis Balls

Non woven polyester felt fabric

Pressureless tennis balls that won’t lose any pressure over time, providing consistent performance and durability. Perfect for training purpose.

Standard pressure;Good bounce;Anti-friction

High quality rubber liner;Bouncing better and softer

Strong rotation;Stable flight

Waterproof technology;More durable

KEVENZ Green Advanced Training Tennis Balls

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Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 2

Detail 3

Detail 3

Deep elastic seams

Deep elastic seams for reduced cracking, use them on any type of courts, hard or soft, without any issues

Beautiful Neon-green color

Beautiful Neon-green color brings more visual definition and comfort, more time for player to react and more accurate shots

Enjoy playing

Simple packaging, reduce discarding, we strive to fit the packaging scheme, protecting the environment and reduce waste



Standard Pressure

All courts

Pressure retaining




12 counts in 1 box

12 counts in 4 cans

Package including: 12 pack standard pressure training tennis, color is green
LASTING DURABILITY: Durable felt ensures the all courts tennis balls will play like new for as long as possible.
Thickened tennis liner for better sealing and long-lasting airtightness
Standard pressure training tennis,the Feeling is comfortable, the landing point is easy to control, the speed is slow in order to train beginners
Meet the requirements of various venues, ideal for tennis ball machines, tennis practice, or even playing with your pets


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