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Product Description

KEVENZ advanced goose feather badminton birdie with enhanced cork


Kevenz badminton production line inspection process

1 production line workers will pick quality goose feathers

2 The computer automatically detects the goose feather shape

3 100% Badminton rotation stability test

4 100% Badminton flight stability test

High-quality goose feathers


Made of advanced high-quality goose feathers, goose feather texture clear, goose feather straight thick stool, good fight resistance. Better resistance and stability

16 feathers the same length


Feathers arranged in neat rows, 16 feathers the same length, uniform arrangement, flight stability is ensured

High quality round goose feathers, enhanced cork ball


The same size feather rods, feather rods of the same size to ensure the stability of the flight


Enhanced composite cork ball head, good elasticity, hit and fight resistance is excellent, crack-resistant


Evenly glued and even stitches,improved pllay resistance,not easy to break

Material: Advanced Goose Feather
Class: Tournament, suitable for competion, training, practice, etc.
Pack: 12 badminton birdies in one tube
100% tested, flight stability is ensured
100% infrared selection of goose feathers,enhanced badminton resistance


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