KLS 3-Piece Urethane Cover



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Introducing​ ​the​ ​Kirkland​ ​Signature​ ​Performance Plus​ three-piece​ ​urethane​ ​cover​ ​golf​ ​ball, ​ ​a​ ​high performance​ ​ball​ ​suitable​ ​for​ ​recreational​ ​and​ ​competitive​ ​play. The Kirkland Signature Performance Plus is encased in a soft urethane cover that provides a responsive putting feel, excellent greenside control and longer-lasting durability. 
 The low compression highly elastic rubber core provides a soft feel with high speed, while the 338-dimple pattern provides a penetrating ball trajectory. 
 The speed boosting mantle is optimized with three-piece construction to control spin with long irons while generating high spin on short irons for control around the greens.

The very Best 3 piece Golf Ball for the Money-The Best Value-the Best Golf Ball
Three-Piece Urethane Cover Golf Ball-We will be shipping this in just the sleeves to prevent shipping cost.
1 Dozen-12 Count – 4 Sleeves of 3 balls
Conforms with USGA and R&A Rules
The Kirkland​ ​Signature​ ​Three-Piece​ ​Urethane​ Cover​ Golf​ Ball Performance+ includes twelve count –12 balls in total., unisex-adult, 1 DOZEN GOLF BALLS, Composite; Plastic


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