Less is more golf rangefinder Magnetic Holder Band (Strap)



Price: $18.99
(as of Jun 04,2020 13:39:16 UTC – Details)

The silicone band attach around your rangefinder like a watch, and with the strong magnet within the band: you can stick it to a cart pole, irons or use the included adhesive magnetic plate to put it on your pull or push cart console. With this device, you will always have your rangefinder at hand reach, and you will never misplace it again. P.S. If your pull/push cart console is rounded, you can add exterior mounting tape under your adhesive metal plate to level it.

Silicone construction, with stitched leather covering the rectangular industrial strength neodymium magnet. The magnet is strong enough to withstand sharp turns, bumps and sudden stops.
Looks great, it attaches easily like a watch bracelet. If it is too long, just cut the extra length with scissors. Fits most rangefinders. The band is small enough that after a round it will fit in many cases without having to remove it.
Not as wide as other models, will not interfere with buttons on your rangefinder.
Silicone will not fade under sun exposure, or rub off your rangefinder if exposed to rain.
INCLUDED: Rangefinder holder and adhesive magnetic plate. Rangefinder NOT INCLUDED. Always make sure that the full rectangular magnet is in contact with the metal you want to stick it too to prevent roll over. On irons, always put the rectangular magnet in the same direction as the face of the club (on length face not width face). On push/pull cart console, the adhesive metal plate must be installed on a flat area. Attach the bracelet tight enough to prevent the band to slide.


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