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Faye couldn’t breathe. She was convinced the cancer had returned and savaged her lungs. Even walking a city block was impossible and she had resigned herself to a short life in a wheelchair. The multiple investigations for lung cancer had come back clear and neither she nor her doctor could figure out what was wrong. They ordered more and more tests.

One fateful day, anxious and terrified, she waited in the Oncology department at London Bridge Hospital to meet with her cancer doctor. The nurse suggested she see the massage therapist to pass the time and distract her from her worries. Luckily Andie was working that day and had a free spot. When Faye described her troubles, and Andie watched her frail attempts to breathe, Andie had a suspicion that the problem was the scars from Faye’s mastectomy seven years prior. She told Faye that releasing the scars might hurt as they had been neglected so long, but that it might let her breathe again. After a brief moment, Faye nodded and said to do it. On starting the massage Andie’s suspicions were confirmed and that Faye’s entire rib cage was clamped down and compressed by scar tissue, which meant she had no space to inflate her lungs. Due to the nature of scar tissue, the adhesions would have only become worse over time.

After two half-hour sessions, Faye was out of her wheelchair. She was beyond ecstatic and her Consultant was speechless.

On witnessing the miracle of Faye, the hospital Consultants asked Andie to speak to the patients before they underwent surgery to help them prepare and avoid complications from their scars. She developed a scar treatment protocol which you now hold in your hands.

Love Your Scar is the culmination of thirty years of clinical experience, with twelve of those years working with cancer patients. Using proven natural therapies and exercises to stimulate the immune system, you take control of your recovery. The last thing you want after surgery is to be negatively impacted by your scar, unable to reach up high or squat down low or have your life compromised any further. Use this guide regularly to create a flexible, pain-free, inconspicuous scar.

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