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Artemis Therapeutics MushroomsArtemis Therapeutics Mushrooms

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE NATURAL ALLERGY RELIEF without Side Effects. Non Drowsy. Non Stimulating. Works best for people experiencing itchy, watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, excess mucous and hay fever or pet allergies. Not indicated for people with dry eyes, dry nose or dry skin due to allergies. Also not indicated for food allergies or emergency allergic reactions.
PREMIUM QUALITY, Sustainably Sourced, U.S. Grown Herbs. Made with fresh organic freeze-dried Stinging Nettles for immediate antihistamine effect & high potency organic Reishi Mushroom extract, cultivated by mushroom specialists with over 20 years of growing experience and passion.
Lucidia can be used with the Artemis Therapeutics lifestyle guidelines to optimize immune function, improve liver health, restore mental clarity & energy and experience overall improved health and well-being.

Lucidia natural allergy reliefLucidia natural allergy relief

Lucidia Natural Allergy Relief

The Herbs and Compounds in Lucidia…

scavenge the debris in the body
clean the blood and lymph
improve liver detoxifying ability
support vascular and immune health
mineralize the blood with chlorophyll, iron, copper, and more

Lucidia Can Help

Pet Allergies

Pet Allergies

Seasonal and Hayfever allergies

Seasonal and Hayfever allergies

Children with allergies

Children with allergies

Allergies to Pets

First and foremost, if you are allergic to animals, we recommend you minimize your exposure to them, and certainly don’t get a pet until you no longer are allergic to them! However, sometimes we need to visit a friend or family who has pets… in these times Lucidia can help prevent or take the edge off symptoms. It can also help clean up the debris from pet dander and saliva that enters the lungs and bloodstream to reduce the toll on the body’s immune system.

Seasonal and Hay Fever Allergy Support

Want to be excited about Spring without being bogged down by what comes with it? Would you like to actually be able to slow and down and literally smell the roses without inducing an entire tidal wave of allergy symptoms? Lucidia is organic all natural allergy relief that works, all the while gently cleansing and optimizing immune function.

Ideal for (non food-related) symptoms of:

itchy watery eyes
sneezing and runny nose
itchy skin (not from dryness or eczema)

Children With Allergies

Parents! If you are looking for a natural solution for your child’s allergies, Lucidia has helped many families over the years avoid a lifelong allergy medication prescription. If you are looking for a safe natural solution to your child’s allergies, Lucidia and some natural lifestyle guidelines and support from a holistic practitioner can support in this and open a door to deeper healing and to possibly reverse allergies.

creek in forestcreek in forest

Lucidia Works by Cleansing and Nourishing

Seasonal and environmental allergy symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and mucus are like debris flooding through the waterways of the body–the bloodstream, lymphatic system, and sinus passageways.  Just like a city after a storm, these waterways get congested and overflow and need to be 1) cleared of debris and 2) settle down in order for the waterways to go back to normal functioning.

The Artemis Therapeutics approach to allergy treatment is 2-fold:

Clean up the mess with the help of Lucidia (and learn how to stop making the mess)
Strengthen or Balance the underlying system, depending on what is needed

reishi mushroom in wildreishi mushroom in wild

Immune Support in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Research

Based on the Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the philosophy that health and well-being are simple, natural and available to us in this moment. Also backed by modern research, the individual components have shown to benefit in various aspects of health, including immune support, longevity, heart, prostate, and liver health, cancer research, and allergies. Developed by holistic healthcare practitioners and used clinically for over 10 years providing symptom relief and reducing overall frequency and severity of allergies.

Holistic lifestyleHolistic lifestyle

Part of a Holistic Allergy Approach

Whether you are interested in immediate relief or actually getting to the root of your allergies, Lucidia may be the right support for you. It is formulated for immediate relief without side effects, but can also be part of an actual allergy treatment protocol. If you are looking to address underlying causes of allergies to either reduce overall frequency and severity or symptoms, or even eliminate certain allergies altogether, Artemis Therapeutics wants it to be known that any of these are possible. With a differential diagnosis and treatment from an acupuncturist or holistic practitioner, you may find an underlying cause of allergies and do treatment such as hormone balancing, blood building, blood sugar regulation, emotional healing, adrenal recovery, lung support, or liver detoxification along with simple lifestyle balancing to the root of the problem and resolve or reduce the need for allergy medications.

🏎 IMMEDIATE RELIEF – Regular antihistamines for adults can be stimulating, cause drowsiness, and take their toll on the body over time. Our natural non drowsy allergy medicine is formulated for immediate relief AND long term immune benefits. The fusion of traditional Chinese medicine and modern research allowed us to create a truly unique and all natural allergy med which has all benefits of a powerful antihistamine but none of the nasty side effects. Natural allergy medicine adult & children!
🦸🏻‍♂️ SUPERIOR TO ALLERGY MEDS – Say goodbye to regular allergy tablets, allergy nasal spray and allergy eye drops! Fight symptoms while strengthening the immune system! Each single allergy pill is loaded with powerful U.S. grown herbs which will help your body find balance: Quercetin, fresh organic Stinging Nettle, Bromelain, organic Reishi Mushroom & N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC). Lucidia has been clinically used with great success by natural practitioners for over 10 years!
💡 HELPS WITH MANY ALLERGIES & SYMPTOMS – Lucidia can provide relief for seasonal allergies like hay fever but also works great as cat allergy relief for humans. So whether you’re looking for seasonal allergy relief, cat allergy medicine or pet allergy relief for humans in general – we have the solution! Plus its natural formulation makes it the ideal allergy medicine for kids. It’s real allergy medication non drowsy and doesn’t leave you or your kids tired!
🔒 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Try our natural allergy medicine risk free! If at any point – for whatever reason – you’re unhappy with your new allergy medicine non drowsy just contact us! We’ll refund you in full, send you a free replacement, or work with you until you’re completely satisfied! Just message us, and we’ll take good care of you. 🙋🏻‍♀️


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