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A10 1000LUMEN  hunting lightA10 1000LUMEN  hunting light

Zoom in and focus with an Lumenshooter A10 hunting light

One of the main aspects of this is its extremely far-reaching, zoomable spotlight. If you want to spot animals at a good distance, this hunting light is a great choice! Reaching as far as 650 yards, you’ll be able to spot predators very easily. The light choices that come with this are red, green, white, and a special IR850nm – which is basically an infra-red light. You will like that it has included the standard white color, which can be convenient for just way finding. All you have to do is load up the different color modules to see with your chosen light color.This set up also includes a dual control remote switch, clicky on and off switch and momentary switch which is silent when turned on and off. The switch is also designed so that you can use it easily whilst holding your rifle. For starters, the best hunting light for predators should not disturb the animal too much.Lights have even been tested to actually see if they disturb coyotes, hogs, foxes or whatever else you’re hunting! Also, as night falls, you’ll want to be able to see your target clearly. A green scope has been proven to show excellent clarity for all types of hunting in low light conditions. Now if you’re searching for a hunting light that really shines bright, here’s a great choice! Plus the versatility of this hunting light set up is second to none!

Red light .These are most commonly used for coyotes, but they are also used for wild pigs. The red tint being more subtle than other colors; therefore, it is less susceptible to animals. Although most are completely color blind, they are able to see slight flashes of red light at high intensity. This makes it the best choice for hunting at shorter distances.

Green light. This is most commonly used for hunting wild pigs, although it is also used for coyotes and foxes. The main advantage is that it can be seen easily by the human eye, it, therefore, looks brighter and more distances.

White light is generally not used for hunting prey unless you are trying to blind them or confuse them with pulsating light. This is because they are obviously too bright. They are, however, a useful addition to a colored light to use as a searchlight once the shot has been taken.

Infrared lights are not visible to either people and animals, completely eliminating the possibility of frightening animals. This can give you an incredible stealth advantage. When used with night-vision equipment, they offer the most outstanding hunting. And are the best choice for more aggressive night hunters.

hunting flashlight kithunting flashlight kit

All in one hunting flashlight kit

Focusable. You twist the mid or tailcap in and out to focus from flood to spot. Good flood. Really tight spot light.

Mounted it on your scopes, the mount included in the package work great. The light is a quality, durable tool. Included LED modules. Red, Green,infrared 850nm and White.Try the infra red LED with any night vision optics. The lights all reach out well over 200 yards with ease.They would work even further to light up eyes of game.You will be able to identify deer, hogs, coyotes, raccoons, possum, and armadillo and a bobcat very easily, at distances up to 650 yards. Battery life in the included 3400mah 18650’s is excellent.We recommend this light to any hunter or fisherman, or anyone needing a very bright light that is very comfortable in the hand, and has multiple options and uses.


green light flashlight

green light flashlight

red light flashlight

red light flashlight

white light flashlight

white light flashlight

ir light flashlight

ir light flashlight

1000Lumens Green Light

Green light,the most sensitive light to our eyes,promotes detail in outdoor use,excellent on green vegetation.

Ideal for hogs, general predator hunting (coyote, fox, bobcat).

Red Light

Red light,an excellent way illuminate targets at night to promotes night vision.

Ideal for light shy predators (coyote, fox, bobcat).

900Lumens White Light

Ideal for law enforcement, general predator hunting, alligator, raccoon, other varmints, filming at night, general usage, when extra long-range light is required.

850nm Infrared Light

Infrared Light is Invisible to Human Eyes.Must be used with Night vision devices.

A10 Long Throw Zoomable hunting flashlight kit comes with Green, Red, White, and 850nm IR LED’s.
Extremely Long Range Predator Light – White 370 yards, green 700 yards, and red 300 yards, Infrared 300 yards.
Zoomable Scope Light – you can adjust the light beam from “flood” to fully focused “spot” by rotate the bezel.
A10 coyote light comes with everything you need to mount the light to a standard scope (1 inch and 30 mm scope tubes) or picatinny rail.
Great Gift for any hunter or fisherman. You will be able to identify deer, hogs, coyotes, raccoons, possum, armadillo and a bobcat very easily.


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