Macros 101: Your Guide to



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If you’ve been wanting to learn what macros are but feel lost, this book is your answer. In the book, I teach you the basics about:What Macros Are• How to Estimate How Many You Need Per Day• How To Track Them Easily via a FREE App• How to Figure Out your Daily Caloric Requirement • How to be in a Deficit (to lose), Stay in range (to maintain) or in Surplus (to gain)• How to Read & Understand Nutrition Labels• How to Use My Fitness Pal properly to Track Calories & Macros• How to Adjust Your Calorie & Macros Needs to Fit Your Goals • How to Understand PortionsPLUS it also includes:• 2 Macro Balanced Meal Plans (1,200-1,600 for Females & 1,700 – 2,000 for males)• BONUS Detox meal plan including 5-6 meals per day to help you detox from processed foods, preservatives & sugar• BONUS “Best Fast Food Options” list to help you make better food choices when eating out


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