Marino Essentials Mason Jar



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Product Description

marino essentials
marino essentials

marino essentials mason jar wall sconces
marino essentials mason jar wall sconces

Unique design unlike anything else

Frosted mason jars hide the plastic flower branches
Every panel is connected by strong chains and
Rustic design adds the ultimate farmhouse feel to your home
Odorless high quality hydrangea flowers

Marino Essentials



decorative jars

decorative jars

remote control led color changing lights

remote control led color changing lights

Every detail matters!

Home décor isn’t just a piece that hangs on the wall or sits on the table. It represents your life. We know you are busy with life and after a long day you get home and it should feel welcomed to you the moment you open the door. That’s when we step in and ensure you have the best quality and design with outstanding reputation serving your home!
Home décor impacts our life from our self-perception to our confidence and productivity. This is why we change around shapes, colors and designs. When you choose a brand that stands behind its words, you have peace of mind.
With great presence on social media, you know you aren’t just getting a piece for your walls, but a designer brand product that lands in your beautiful home.

Every wall looks beautiful with Marino Essentials

Our sconces come in 3 different colors! No matter what style you choose, you won’t go wrong. Unlike others they make you do all the work and the assembly which often results in breaking the product, We made it unbelievably simple. Just pull out the protective plastic layer in your remote, twist the LED lights counter clock wise to remove their protective layers and then turn on the mason jar candles from across the room! They work from as far as 10 ft.

What’s in the Box?

2x Frosted Mason Jars

2x LED candles

2x Remote control for both candles

2 x Hydrangea Flowers in white

2 x Reclaimed handmade Wood

Our story and thank you letter


The one and only sconces on Amazon with color changing lights!

Bring the sense of beauty, peace and luxury to your home or as the ultimate gift to your loved ones. Our mason jar wall sconces contain a set of LED lights featuring 13 colors, perfect for any holiday.
With a 6-hour timer, many different light modes and an illumination adjustment, these wall sconces will impress your guests and bring peace to your home.

💡 13 Colors/Timed remote lights will change with a press of a button.
⛓️ Handcrafted premium wood attached by strong chains to bring the sense of vintage lifestyle in your home.
🏺 Wrought iron hangers will keep mason jars perfectly safe
🌼 High quality odorless hydrangea flowers. Frosted mason jars that easily hide the flower branches for a more exquisite look


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