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“This incredible, in-depth, and easy-to-access resource is a must for all of us who wish to learn more about healing ourselves through the plant world.” —Shiva Rose, actress, activist, and founder of The Local Rose

JJ Pursell, the bestselling author of The Herbal Apothecary, is back with a complete, one-stop resource for herbal remedies that heal and nurture the whole family. Master Recipes from the Herbal Apothecary offers safe, trusted natural remedies written by a board-certified naturopathic physician. It starts with master recipes for tinctures, salves, teas, capsules, oils, washes, and more. Once you understand how to make these basic formulations, you can access the more than 375 specific recipes that address a range of health concerns from the common cold and headaches to insomnia and digestive issues. Comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and beautifully packaged, Master Recipes from the Herbal Apothecary will become your go-to guide for sustained health and wellness.

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Heal Yourself and Your Loved Ones with Safe, Natural Treatments







Master Recipes for Whole Body Wellness

Includes step-by-step instructions for the most common herbal preparations, including capsules, salves, teas, tinctures, washes, and more.

Must-Have Herbs for Daily Use

Profiles the characteristics and medicinal uses of the 60 most important herbs to have on hand for daily health and wellness.

375 Formulations for the Whole Family

Recipes address a wide range of health concerns for men, women, and children—including colds, headaches, digestive issues, and more.



About Gingko

Ginkgo is commonly known for its memory-boosting powers. It increases oxygenation to the brain, allowing for clearer thinking. It is helpful for day-to-day health.

Brain-Alive Tincture

Some days your brain just doesn’t seem to fire at will. Instead of grabbing another cup of coffee, try this natural brain booster instead.

Put the herbs in a 2-ounce glass jar. Cover with vodka, close tightly, and shake well. Keep in cupboard or pantry for 3 weeks, shaking daily. Strain and transfer to a dropper bottle. Take 2 dropperfuls twice daily.

1 teaspoon ginkgo leaf

1 teaspoon gotu kola leaf

1 teaspoon ashwagandha root

1½ teaspoons nettle leaf

½ teaspoon guarana nut

2 ounces vodka

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