Mayo Clinic: The Integrative



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Looking for natural, noninvasive ways to strengthen and heal your body? Here, Mayo Clinic experts explain how to achieve personal wellness through nontraditional medicine and home remedies. Their revolutionary approach to health addresses the whole person — body, mind and spirit— by combining conventional care with innovative practices such as mind body techniques, acupuncture and massage therapy. With this book, you’ll get advice for avoiding medical appointments while also learning when
an appointment is needed. Practical, trustworthy and smart, this book will safely and naturally transform your well-being one page at a time.

• Details on applying dozens of therapies, such as progressive muscle relaxation, Pilates, guided imagery and spirituality to enrich your life
• Home solutions to help manage common issues such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis,wrinkles, motion sickness, hives and stress
• Steps for administering first aid in emergencies such as bleeding, choking and heart attack


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