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Published January 2017

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How did ancient humans deal with illness and pain?

When did we begin to understand sickness and disease?

When was the first surgery performed?

History of Medicine: The Most Important People and Discoveries Through The Ages Including: Alternative Medicine, Remedies, Nursing, Modern Cancer Treatments, & Anti Aging is the story of the beginnings of modern medicine and how the people who wanted to help others propelled medicine forward.


  • Meet Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine and learn how the Greeks separated medicine from religion, began recording observations about illness and recovery, and began creating a natural history of diseases, and their symptoms and progression.
  • Discover how we learned that individuals who survived diseases were less likely to get them in the future and how the first vaccinations were created, and the battle against rabies, tetanus, and diphtheria began.
  • Learn how ancient people all over the world used plants, herbs, dirt, and molds to treat sickness and thereby created the first antibiotics and medicines.
  • Watch our understanding of medicine explode during the Age of Enlightenment and the birth of the scientific process.
  • Glimpse the birth of modern medicine and learn how the population growth and the invention of modern communication improved our ability to diagnose and cure diseases.
  • Explore how we found genetic connections to many diseases including obesity, cancer, and heart disease.
  • Watch nurses and surgeons learn to combat, and eventually conquer, infection, pain, and bleeding.

In this quick survey of medicine through the ages, you’ll get a glimpse of how the world of medicine began to develop and how medical professionals through the years built upon the knowledge of those who went before them.

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