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Are you interested in milk soap making in the comfort of your own home?

Would you like to learn some fantastic soap recipes that use all natural products?

This milk soap making recipe book is ideal for beginners!

Making soap at home has seen a big rise in popularity in recent years as many see the value in soap crafting and using the ingredients that they want. For some there is a need to avoid certain products found in commercial soaps but for others it is just a simple pleasure that is relaxing and provides a quality product at the end.

Inside the pages of this soap making book you will discover lots of milk soap making recipes that are easy for beginners and a few that are for more accomplished soap makers, such as:

• Milk and Rose Soaps

• Milk and Orange Soaps

• Milk and Strawberry Soaps

• Milk and Lemon Soaps

• Milk and Pineapple Soaps

And more

With it you will be able to create and enjoy a wide range of soaps that have been lovingly crafted and contain only what you want them to.

Scroll up and find your perfect soap recipe now!

Two options of the soap making recipe paperback book are available: 
Black and white version
Full-color edition – Simply press See all formats and editions above the price. Press the left arrow from the “Paperback” button


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