Monleap Archery 51″ Takedown



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This hunting recurve bow is sturdy and well crafed, the high pound is extremely strong.
The grip is ergonomically designed and feels comfortable on the hand.
Easily assemble and disassemble.
The bows speed is excellent, arrows fly absolutely blazingly as fast as compound bow.
Designed for right handed shooters. Product Features:
– Color: black, silver, red, purple
– Draw weight: 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs
– Bow length:51”
– Bow riser length: 20″
– Bow riser material: aluminum alloy
– Bow limbs material: strong fiberglass
– Bow string: 16 Strands
– Hand orientation: right handed
– Arrows matrerial: mixed carbon
– Arrow length: 31inch
– Target paper size: 40 x 40 cm Package Includes:
– 1x takedown bow
– 1x arm guard
– 1x finger guard
– 1x bow sight
– 1x arrow rest
– 1x bowstringer tool
– 2x string nocks
– 4x target nails
– 6x mixed carbon arrows
– 6x broadhead arrows
– 6x target papers. User notice:
– It is forbidden to draw the bow but not discharge the arrow.
– It is forbidden to hold the arrow to the person.
– Do not exceed the draw weight, or it will damage the limbs.
– Do not attach the arrow to the bow for a long time, or it will reduce the draw weight.
– There might be slight measure difference due to manual measurement error.
– If the feather have a little bent, you can straighten them by using an air dryer or soaked in hot water ( put the vane into 80 -90 Degrees Celsius hot water for a few minutes), it can be recover the original shape.

Easily assemble and disassemble: This archery takedown bow is very easy to put together and take down. When assembled very small, when collapsed can fits in a backpack or hiking pack. Please keep in mind that using the bow stringer tool is the most safe way to properly assemble and disassemble the bow.
Comfortable grip: The alloy riser is ergonomically designed with rounded edges and a fine finished handle, very comfortable to hold, which will allow you to have your best experience while aiming on your target at your target shooting competition game.
Package contents: 1* takedown bow, 1* arm guard, 1* finger guard, 1* bow sight, 1* arrow rest, 1* bow stabilizer, 1* bowstringer tool, 2* string nocks, 4* target nails, 6* carbon arrows, 6* broadhead arrows, 6* target papers.
Perfect archery set: This bow and arrows set is a great gift choice for adult beginners or professionals. You can get all the archery equipment in this order. After receiving the parcel you can go to the archery immediately! No need to spend time and money buy other accessories.


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