Motor Torpedo Boat Fairmile



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Motor Torpedo Boat Fairmile

The Fairmile Type D torpedo/gun boat was the most heavily armed coastal vessel regularly employed by Allied forces in World War II. With a top speed of 31 knots and an 80-ton displacement, the boat was a potent force in protecting littoral waterways and was tasked with performing anti-submarine and mine warfare operations. This heavily illustrated volume covers the development, armament, and specifications of the Type D as well as all of the principle design variations, including long-range air-sea rescue craft. First published in 1985 and back by popular demand, this reprint contains a new fold-out large-scale plan of the Fairmile on the reverse of the book jacket.

Motor Torpedo Boat Fairmile

John Lambert is the author of a number of books for Conway Maritime Press including Allied Coastal Forces, volumes 1 & 2, and The Submarine Alliance in the ‘Anatomy of the Ship’ series.

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