MW8 Moon Wood – Fairway Wood for Men and Women – Golf Club Includes Headcover – Legal for Tournament Play (Right, Graphite Shaft with Stainless Steel Clubhead, Senior, 33)



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Product Description

How Often Do You Hit the Green With Any Club Longer Than a 6-Iron?


The First Club that Blends the Best of Mid-Irons, Hybrids and Woods to Help You Launch High, Accurate, Green-Holding Shots from Long Distance

The typical mid- to high-handicapper loses more strokes between 151 – 175 yards than any other distance (think your 4-iron). If you struggle from this distance too, put an MW8 Moon Wood in your bag, and you can cut strokes fast.

It’s NOT an iron • It’s NOT a hybrid • It’s NOT a fairway wood • It’s a perfect combination of all three.

With the MW8, you can launch long-range approach shots that:

Get up quickly off the turf (no need to worry about just getting the ball airborne)
Carry much higher than your mid-irons, hybrids or fairway woods (so you’ll fly hazards instead of trying to bounce the ball around them)
Drop sharply and stop in a hurry (for more greens in regulation and less reliance on your short game)
Seek the target with uncanny accuracy (even when you don’t catch the ball flush)
Deliver more consistency than you ever thought possible (turning a terminal weakness into a surprising strength – and a big advantage over your peers)


Amazing Shot Improvement – Trackman Validated

16 weekend golfers were given a Moon Wood and asked to test it against the club he or she usually used for approach shots.

The results?

Launch Angle – 79% of test golfers higher with Moon Wood
Maximum Height – 88% of test golfers higher with Moon Wood
Carry Distance – 75% of test golfers longer with Moon Wood
Landing Angle – 81% of test golfers steeper with Moon Wood


Effortless & consistent, right off the bat

“I was shocked (when first hitting the Moon Wood). It felt so effortless. I never feel confident over my hybrids in the fairway because they are very inconsistent. But with this Moon Wood I seemed to hit that consistent time after time. It was very easy to get used to and use. There was no learning curve. This is gonna be my new favorite club in my bag for sure.”- Danielle Miller [23 handicap]


It just felt good the first time I put it in my hands

“I hit some Moon Woods off a tight lie and a grassy lie, and the ball performed very well coming off both shots. It just felt good the first time I put it in my hands.” – Frank Smith [5.1 handicap]


Legal for Tournament Play

Golfers rave about its feel, balance & consistency from all distances. You can use it in tournaments, too – the MW8 is approved for all play under the Rules of Golf.

LAUNCH GREEN-HOLDING SHOTS FROM LONG RANGE: If you struggle to hit the green from long distance, the MW8 Moon Wood is for you; Most recreational golfers struggle with middle and long irons and even their hybrids and fairway woods too; The MW8 is a different kind of fairway wood built for clean contact, high launch, and long distance.
QUICK LAUNCH & HIGH FLIGHT: Enjoy extreme high launch and greater ball speed off the face thanks to the MW8’s shallow clubface and low center of gravity; The MW8 looks so “hittable” at address, which gives you a surge of confidence when you set it behind the ball; Plus the ultra-low center of gravity is designed for high trajectory with no extra effort from you; And the extra wide sole is curved for minimal resistance on turf contact so you glide through cleanly no matter where the club strikes
EASIER TO CONTROL THAN TRADITIONAL FAIRWAY WOODS: The MW8 is shorter than the typical hybrid, wood and long iron making it much more comfortable and easier to control than most other fairway clubs in its category; The shorter shaft promotes a more upright swing akin a short iron; It’s easier to swing and more consistent too; You will make clean, center contact more often and enjoy longer, purer approach shots; The MW8 is so reliable, it will become your trusty, go-to club from the fairway
LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY: Legal and conforming; Conforms to the rules of golf
1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY AGAINST DEFECTS; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable warranty


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