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Debbie Armstrong had ME/CFS for over nine years and is now fully recovered.
In this booklet Debbie shares her frustrations, struggles and moments of inspiration with you. She also includes quotations, poems, definitions, journal extracts, top tips to take away and practical tasks for you to try on your journey to recovery.
This publication is the first in a series of four. They explain in more detail the ingredients in Debbie’s Recipe for Recovery, which you will find in this booklet.

Part One includes chapters on:
Taking responsibility
Finding acceptance
Making decisions
Maintaining commitment
Initiating action
Evaluating beliefs

You will also find information on:
Useful books and websites
Alternative therapies
Psychological subtypes

Praise for My Journey to Recovery, Part One
‘I’m enjoying it. I really like the format – bite-size pieces that won’t intimidate someone who is already feeling exhausted.’
Brad Yates, Personal Development Consultant (

‘You have simplified and focused Part One readers on the key points for embarking on the road to recovery from ME. It is succinct, clear and simple to follow. If a person is sincerely searching it will stir curiosity about what each ingredient means in their lives and lead from there, as it did you.’ Charmaine Kemps

‘’Wow! I sure wish I’d had this when ME knocked me down. It’s absolutely perfect, just the right amount of information. The balance of visuals and text is brilliant. For those of us further along, it’s a great reminder of the priorities in recovery. It’s empowering to read this and it gives such hope. You hit all the right notes. Fantastic resource. Excellent work.’
Maggie Sanders

My Story
In February 2004, I woke up one morning in agony, too weak to lift my head off the pillow. It felt as though the marrow in my bones had turned into lead piping. I felt breathless exhaustion within me and a black fog surrounding me.

I was shocked. I was scared.

For the preceding twenty years I had been getting slowly and steadily ill. My illnesses included irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); anxiety and depression; Tietze syndrome; migraines; chronic cystitis and sinus infections; insomnia; and muscle pains so severe that I was unable to turn my head and, on occasion, unable to open my mouth.

What was happening to me?

I assumed that I had caught flu from people at work. It took many blood tests, hospital investigations, and well over a year to get a diagnosis. The painful truth was that my body had crashed with ME, and I would remain ill for over nine years.

During that time, my partner left me. I was dismissed from my job. On many occasions, I was bed- or house-bound. It was a terrifying experience. I lost my life as I had known it. Everything that I valued and cared about was gone. I felt isolated and utterly alone. I discovered that there was, and still is, no traditional medical cure.

I finally recovered using a combination of alternative approaches, hard work and dedication.

Several major traumas, as well as a long-term relationship that was emotionally and physically abusive, caused chronic stress. This stress led to an intense lack of self-care, which finally manifested as ME. Amazingly, my body had kept going for a long time before screaming ‘STOP’! Developing ME didn’t happen overnight, nor did my recovery.

I do believe that full recovery is possible, although there is no magic pill or ‘one size fits all’ solution. It’s a personal journey of self-healing. ME was the vehicle that took me to a new life and a new way of being in the world.

In this book I want to share my story of recovery with those who are living with ME, people in recovery, and those who have friends or family with this debilitating condition.


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