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Are you against traditional medicine and prefer natural medicine?


Taking care of your body and your psychophysical well-being with natural cures and remedies is a healthy choice, as well as responsible since Nature can offer us an effective solution for any malaise or disorder you need to face.


Long before Europeans arrived in America, Native Americans had already developed an incredible ability to use medicinal herbs to treat many of the diseases they suffered from. Simultaneously, they were full of physical vigor and energy that found their source from natural herbs.


The use of natural remedies by the Native Americans encompassed different action fields: an authentic, balanced relationship with Nature. The ancient population exploited virtues and benefits.


The legacy of the American Indians to modern herbalists is consistent, as evidenced by the current treaties that include many of the herbs and plants used in the past.


In particular, the Cherokee, a tribe that comes from Oklahoma and surrounding states, had high respect for plants that they thought were created to help them fight diseases, ailments and, in many cases, to establish contact with the gods.


Herbal medicine of the Cherokee and other Native Americans has been practiced for hundreds of years, demonstrating a deep knowledge of the plants’ healing properties at their disposal, knowledge handed down from one generation to the next thanks to healers shamans.


This guide collects the natural medicine experience of Native Americans to give you a clear explanation of which natural remedy to use for various types of issues. It also explains how to prepare this remedy and grow the herbs used to prepare it, following the same method used by Native Americans.


In this guide, you will discover:


  • The Spiritual History and Culture of Native Americans to understand the beliefs on which they founded their society and spirituality and appreciate their relationship with Nature.
  • Fundamentals of Native American Herbalism and How to Grow and Treat them to do exactly what they do and have the same benefits.
  • Native Americans Widely Used Medicinal Plants; an exhaustive list of all the medicinal plants used, how to grow them, how to cure them, and the tools needed to do it.
  • Native American Herbal Remedies to know what and how you can cure with them. Find a list of the ills you may have, the possible causes, and which combinations of herbs will serve as a solution.
  • Native American Herbal Dispensatory, where you will learn in practice how to do the various remedies, speaking specifically about doses and composition processes.
  • … & Lot More!


Go back to the ancient wisdom of Native Americans, forget about traditional medicine full of artificial chemicals, heal yourself with natural, beneficial treatments for a healthier and more spiritual life.


This precious guide will drive you through the best natural remedies herbalism offers you to help you cure any possible illness.


Order Your Copy Now and Start a New, Natural, and Healthier Life!


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