Nikon Coolshot Pro Stabilized Golf Rangefinder



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Image Stabilized golf rangefinder, Nikon COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZEDImage Stabilized golf rangefinder, Nikon COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED

Breakthrough Technology and Incredible Accuracy

You can play more confidently than ever.

Gain Confidence with STABILIZED Technology

The new COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED provides a major advantage for golfers who rely on accurate distance measurements before taking a shot: Unshakable confidence. Through technology that stabilizes the slight hand movements that occur while ranging, COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED enables you to direct the laser onto any target faster and more confidently, especially beneficial with small objects such as flagsticks.

Advanced Features for A Better Game

Knowing The Slope-Adjusted Distance Helps You Choose The Right Club

Nikon’s ID (Incline/Decline) Technology eliminates second-guessing on how far uphill or downhill a shot will play. When ID Technology mode is selected, COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED displays the slope-adjusted distance (Horizontal distance ± Height), which becomes your guide for how far you should play the ball.

Actual Distance Indicator – Competitive Confirmation

COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED features an Actual Distance Indicator that clearly signals to observers that the Incline/Decline measurement function (ID Technology) is not in use. Green LED light blinks as long as the power is on. As the Slope (ID) feature is turned off, the Competitive Confirmation indicator is simultaneously turned off. Confirms compliance with USGA Local Rule 14-3 for tournament play.

Locked On Technology Confirms Measurement to Flagstick

You’re on an approach shot to a green with trees in the background. Are you sure the measured distance is to the flagstick and not to the trees behind it? Nikon’s Locked On Technology green circle visually tells you that the distance is to the closest subject, the flagstick.


Waterproof, Ergonomic Design

Fits the hand-and the weather

Waterproof & Fogproof

Compact, Lightweight


Incredible Accuracy at Every Distance

Measurement range 8-1200 yards.

Accurate to .75 yards inside 700 yards

Accurate to 1.25 yards from 700-1000 yards

Accurate to 1.75 yards beyond 1000 yards

Technology to Advance Your Game

Faster Measurements = Faster Play

Nikon’s next-gen Hyper Read consistently displays your measurement results in approx. 0.3 seconds – regardless of distance.

Bright, 6x Monocular with High-Visibility OLED Display and Wide Field of View

Integral monocular features Nikon’s multicoated optics for bright, clear viewing and a rear diopter ring for fast focus to each user’s eyesight. Red OLED display provides automatic brightness adjustment for ideal visibility in varying light conditions.

8 Second Continuous Measurement Makes Ranging Even Easier

Press and hold the power button and the rangefinder will continuously measure range for eight seconds. This is great when trying to find measurements of multiple or very small or thin objects, allowing you to know the distances to all hazards, pins, mounds, and trees within seconds. With this feature, you have the ability to know everything you need to know as you approach the green, and target the cup.

AGE, ADRENALIN, CAFFEINE, NERVES, COLD, WIND, ALCOHOL, all affect your ability to hold a rangefinder sufficiently steady to know with confidence that you’ve hit the right target. Finally there is a solution that doesn’t involve bracing against a tree.
NIKON’S EXCLUSIVE STABILIZATION TECHNOLOGY stabilizes not only the viewfinder, but also the outbound laser for unequaled accuracy and control. Technology proven through decades of refinement and use in Nikon camera lenses.
SLOPE ON / SLOPE OFF – HOW DO YOU PROVE IT? Never be disqualified or even leave your status in doubt. Nikon’s exclusive external LED provides a Visual Confirmation that the COOLSHOT PRO is in a USGA conforming mode – legal for Tournament play.
BACKGROUND CONTRASTED CRYSTAL CLEAR OLED DISPLAY with auto or manual brightness levels. Nikon LOCKED‐ON 2 technology. When measuring to a target with background, (flagstick in front of trees), a green ring circles the target to confirm lock.
ADVANCED PIN IDENTIFICATION AND QUICK MULTI-TARGET MAPPING – Continuous measurement (up to 8 seconds) allows for quick, easy measurements to multiple targets – flagstick, trees, hazards – everything you need to know as you prepare your shot.
MADE TO WITHSTAND EVEN THE WORST CONDITIONS, the COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED is waterproof, not just water resistant or rainproof, and also fogproof – nitrogen filled to eliminate internal condensation. Backed by an Industry Leading 5-year .
AWARD WINNING TECHNOLOGY AND PERFORMANCE: Best rangefinder of 2018, Rangefinder of the Year, and Editor’s Choice Award (MyGolfSpy). 2019: “Best Rangefinder under $500”, “#1 Optics”, “#1 Display”, and the “ONLY rangefinder to overcome hand movement. ”


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