NIMM 6 Piece Teak Kitchen



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This wooden utensils set will have you throwing out those old plastic/silicone sets and includes kitchen essentials. With this 7 Piece natural teak kitchen utensil set, perfect for anyone that enjoys cooking, just like the bamboo cooking utensils you will find it more comfortable, easier and more enjoyable preparing food whilst using them. Everything you need to cook any meal in your kitchen is included in this cookware set, including a ladel spoon, wooden spatula and kitchen utensil holder, you will have no need for anything else. It is accompanied by a wooden barrel that holds all 6 pieces, also made from natural teak wood, and is a beautiful accent to any kitchen. Each utensil comes with a hanging hole at the end of the handle which can be used to hang each piece which will provide character and class to any kitchen. Utensils may vary in shade because of its natural material. These utensils are extremely durable and heat resistant. To keep utensils in the best form, do not place in the dishwasher, hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry and coat in a mineral oil every now and then to keep their beautiful sleek finish looking brand new.
Natural teak utensils are a great addition to any kitchen or apartment essentials for first apartment or even kitchen basics utensils. These beautiful accessories can be stored in the teak holder that accompanies the wood utensils set or they can be hung up using the hole at the end of the handle of each wood utensil to make a beautiful accent. Each cooking utensils set wooden set includes spatula set, a teak salad fork and spoon, a teak wooden strainer spoon and a teak ladle or soup spoon.
This wooden utensils set for cooking is great for cooking any meal in your kitchen the teak cooking utensils are strong, smooth, durable and heat resistant, well designed and have a superb finish, making any cooking easier for you without scratching and damaging your non-stick pots and pans. This wood kitchen utensil set will be an asset to any kitchen.
Our wooden cooking utensils set is super easy to clean with a smooth exterior, just rinse and wipe down with dish soap and water to help keep their smooth and flawless finish, you could even hang them to dry using their hanging hole at the bottom of the handle. This Wooden Utensils for Cooking set is made of all natural materials including the utensil holder. The wooden spoons for cooking can be used to cook any dish whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
This beautiful kitchen utensils set with holder is a kitchen tools set of 6 well crafted teak cooking utensils which makes for a fabulous kitchen tool set and certainly adds a touch of class to any kitchen. The teak wood utensils Include all cooking tools for a wonderful cooking experience, including a wooden mixing spoon, spatula, wooden ladle, strainer, a serving spoon and a fork to complete an essential utensils set for any kitchen.
Our wood cooking utensils, like bamboo utensils, are sustainable and long lasting, coating them in a mineral oil will have this beautiful cooking set lasting forever. This teak wooden utensil set looks great, is great for any cooking purpose and the teak holder is sleek, holds all of the wooden kitchen utensils and goes well in any kitchen. These kitchen essentials cookware set is a tasty kitchen utensils set that looks great and has everything you need to make the perfect meal.


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