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We have 15 years of experience in the production of Extra virgin Olive Oils of the highest quality, two of them being well recognized by our clientes throughout the world; Olave and Huasco.


Premium, Gourmet And Sophisticated

Olave was the Brand that positioned Chilean Olive oil in the world. Pioneer in new oliviculture and with recognitions of great importance from its beginings.

A product with a strong orientation to quality and respect for nature. It offers a wonderful conventional oil blend, very carefully treated. It has a harmonious oil, of a superior quality and with very low acidity level (0.3%). Green aromas and a pleasant final itch.


Perfect undertones

We carefully cherry pick olives from all the Chilean territory but mostly from the region of Mataquito Valley, Chile, where the soil is rich in nutrients and draws fresh water from the Andes to ensure proper fertility for the extended olive plantations.

Each bottle of olive oil is made with love and care using cold centrifugation processes that preserve the nutritional value of this robust ingredient. Our Olave Olive Oil is obtained from olive through organic farming. The careful selection of varieties results from a pleasant, herbaceous, slightly spicy, balanced and fresh fruity oil.





Ethical Sourcing

Supply Chain Security


apple, tomato, and a unique blend of fresh flavors.

apple, tomato, and a unique blend of fresh flavors.

tomato, and artichoke, bringing out the natural olive oil flavor.

tomato, and artichoke, bringing out the natural olive oil flavor.

L´Orciolo D´Oro 2019

Evopacking Gold de Los Angeles County Fair

ABOUT THE ORIGINS: This stunning Chilean olive oil is made with olives mostly from Mataquito Valley, south of Santiago. The temperate climate and fresh water from the Andes adorn the soil and make it rich and proliferous for the unique taste of the renown olives. The Olave olive oil comes from selected farms where each plot is made with love and care.
UNIQUE MANUFACTURING PROCESS: This olive oil blend is made by expert hands dedicated to the elaboration using modern centrifugation processes that helps to preserve the natural organoleptic characteristics of the fruit, highlighting the variety and valley of origin.
FOR YOUR WELLBEING: Olive oil is a super food, rich in vitamins A, E, D, and K, as well as essential fatty acids that promote the proper functioning of your body.
RICH & STRONG TASTE: Use the Olave Chilean olive oil for all of your favorite dishes to enrich the flavor and enjoy a strong and rounded fruitiness taste. Add a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil to bread, soup, pasta, meat, and salads for an authentic fine dining experience.


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