OnsongSwing Golf Swing LED Digital Training Aid, Strengthen & Sharpen Speed Trainer & Aids Acceleration of Club, Improve Power & Transform Game, Practice Accessories Equipment Indoor & Outdoor



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The OnsongSwing golf training aid will optimise the time you invest in practice. With its graphical displays, you can instantly see the results as you strengthen your follow through and maximise club head acceleration.
Weighing in at 44 grams (1.5 oz) it also delivers as a weighted-head swing path trainer, and a warm up aid, making your training sessions even more rewarding.

The critical part of your golf swing lasts for perhaps one 10th of a second. That is way too fast for your brain to actively track what is occurring between your back foot and through the ball. So if you are focusing on a particular swing thought, your brain slows your swing down to exert the required control. In fact any attempt at conscious control during the golf swing will invariably result in your swing being drained of power and introduce inconsistencies into your game. Cutting loose all the internal dialog can transform your golf!

You can hit a soft target indoors and still get the training effect.

The OnsongSwing is a micro-processor controlled device that accurately measures club head speed. The device attaches to the shaft adjacent to the hosel and monitors swing speed 1000 times per second. When you swing the club, the device records maximum swing speed and, more importantly, draws a graph of club head speed during your swing.

Being so close to the action end of the club, your OnsongSwing aids and provides a unique insight into what is happening as the club head strikes its target. Using the device display graphs as a guide for your practice sessions, you can strengthen the dynamics of your golf swing, improve consistency and maximise club head acceleration through the ball.

Men, women, kids can all practice their golf swing with equipment accessories & tools like this device. Best gift with club set, cart, caddy, balls, shoes & clothing.

✅ IMPROVED POWER The OnsongSwing will help you achieve the full potential and power of your golf swing and strengthen your follow-through. The golf swing trainer combines unique and powerful features that are not available through other swing training aids
✅ IMPROVED DISTANCE The OnsongSwing golf swing training aid provides real-time audio feedback that helps you adjust the focus of your swing towards effortlessly accelerating the club head through the ball. With a relaxed and consistent golf swing you can trust the distance each club will carry
✅ IMPROVED CONTROL The OnsongSwing graphical display, of club head acceleration, swing speed and ball impact, will guide your practice and result in more effective training sessions: giving you greater control over your game. IMPROVED CONSISTENCY Practice and warm up your golf stick swing anywhere as a trainer indoor at the home or office using a whiffle ball or, outdoor on the range with a golf ball
✅ UNIQUE SUPERIOR PATENTED Designed and made in Australia, utilizes a rechargeable built-in battery and comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty
⚠️ BEFORE YOU BUY! This device securely attaches to golf clubs with parallel shaft tips with diameters between 0.325 inches – 0.375 inches. Do NOT use this product on clubs with shaft diameters outside these dimensions or on clubs with a constant taper (rifle) shafts


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