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clip on fanclip on fan

Battery FanBattery Fan



OPOLAR has grown to become an innovative and customer-focused small appliances brand. We specialize in designing and developing personal cooling fans, laptop fans, humidifiers, space heaters and more. We pride ourselves on understanding what consumers need and how to fulfill their demand. For the past 3 years, OPOLAR has enjoyed a fast and continuous growth thanks to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

Along with our 24/7 customer support and worldwide service centers, when you buy from OPOLAR, peace of mind is included.

OPOLAR 2019 newly fan brand

10000mAh battery operated clip on fan

The fan comes with multiple power supply options.

You can either power it via a USB cable, USB-C or batteries. Even a cell phone adapter can be used for charging the battery present in the fan.

The multiple power supply options make it extremely convenient for a treadmill, study room, quiet office, library, outdoor travel, home, bedroom, kitchen, games room, rv, camper, van, golf cart, traveling, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking, BBQ, picnic, biking, boating, and so on.

Clip fan for bedClip fan for bed

clamp fanclamp fan

Double Bite Force Clamp

Up to 3 inch maximum clip opening

Perfectly fit for golf cart, treadmill, bed, office desk

Quiet operation on low speed

The noise produced by the fan can be termed negligible. The fan runs on extremely low sound and can be used even in a quiet environment.

It can be used when you are studying, sleeping and doing other such activities that require silence.

Built-in 10000mAh rechargeable battery

6-24 hours working time

Heat Resistant Fast Air-circulative

Pivot assorted fan head for free-angle adjustments

Comes with astounding features combined with the convenience

Dual charging port: USB-C & Micro USB (Come with 1pc Micro USB cable)

2A fast charging, fully charge it in 6 hours.

4 Settings: Speed 1: 24 hours; Speed 2: 12 hours; Speed 3: 6 hours; Energy saving mode: 12 hours.

Double Bite Force Clamp

Portable desk fan

Portable desk fan

stroller fan

stroller fan

treadmill fan

treadmill fan

Desk fan

AC plug fans are big and non energy-saving. Obviously you need a fan which is portable as well as powerful.

OPOLAR Quick charge and re-designed housing structure make it powerful and easy to charge.You can hardly hear the motor but only feel the airflow with OPOLAR Super-quiet Technology.

Clip Fan

Ceiling fan and vertical fan are normal fans people use on summer time. However, they are old-fashion and not portable

With OPOLAR clip fan, Everything becomes easier. Just simply clip it on where you want. 360 ° rotate design make it easier to adjust airflow angle

Treadmill Fan

No one wants to bring a big old-fashioned fan on vacation. Which is heavy and not realistic.

A clip-on fan is exactly what you need. With 10000mAh rechargeable battery, it could blows airflow all day long.

☢️ Safe recharging and battery durability: This portable outdoor / indoor clip on fan is configured with a long-run durable 10000mAh polymer battery with great Micro-USB and USB-C charging ports for 2A fast recharging.
☢️ Dynamic design + 4 speed setting: The Desk fan is designed purposely to swirl faster and generate superior airflow. The fan is assembled with advance 8 inches blades to circulate wind multiple times faster than ever. The strong 3 speed setting + 1 energy saving setting provide you more comfortable choice.
☢️ Adjustable head and outstanding features: The fan comes in great covering that is proven safe for use along with great fast charging ports. It is a conventional product with impactful wind flow and air circulation.
☢️ Various features and functioning: The Desk fan ensures great compatibility in terms of features and functions to the users. The Fan is sorted with ultimate functioning like fast recharge; speed controls from LOW to HIGH, charge and discharge and protective SAVING modes. It is kept safer by fixing polymer battery to reduce the possible mishaps in handling.
☢️ Comfortable Portability with Robust clamping: The Desk fan is added with Clamps and pivots that enable 360 Degree rotation. The tough clamps allow you to settle the fan with other objects like a rope, a treadmill.


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