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Pajaver Stained Glass Painting Window Art DIY Kit for Kids, Creative Craft Suncatcher Kit with Frame Made Easy Art Educational Toy Gifts for Teens Adults for Home Office Cafe Decor

Wooden Frame: 20*20*3cm/7.87*7.87*1.18in;
Acrylic Glass Plate: 18.5*18.5cm/7.28*7.28in;
Mandala Template: 13*13cm/5.12*5.12in;

Use Way:
1. Take out the acrylic glass plate along the wooden frame rail groove;
2. Turn the side of the acrylic glass plate with the blank protective film facing down, aim at the copy pattern, and tear off the side with the text protective film to paint;
3. Or tear off the side with the text protective film and fix the mandala template on it for creation;
4. First use a thin-tip outline pen to draw the pattern, and then use the same color pen to complete the color;
5. Let it stand and wait for the paint to dry;
6. Tear off the blank protective film of the acrylic glass plate;
7. Put the acrylic glass panels back along the rail groove of the wooden frame to complete the production;
8. Put the finished glass painting on the table as a decoration. (You can also color wooden frames)

Precautions for Use:
1. The finished product is placed in a dry and ventilated environment;
2. Don’t use sharp objects to scratch the acrylic glass sheets;
3. When using a stained glass paint with a flowing property, first use a contour pen with ink that is easy to dry, and then fill it, the placement pattern is destroyed;
4. The picture frame is made of wood and needs to be moisture-proof and fire-proof;
5. The protective film of the acrylic glass panels is torn apart in the order of the production steps to prevent scratches during the production process;
6. It is recommended to use metal pens and stained glass paint, as the drawing effect will be better.
🌈Creative Craft Suncatcher Set: It is a challenging creation kit to create elegantand beautiful stained glass artsand crafts. Improve the ability to solve problems, fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination while enjoying the fun of creation.And injected good intentions into this art project.
🌈Material: Frame: Wooden; Drawing Board: Acrylic; Template: PET.Wooden Frame: 20*20*3cm/7.87*7.87*1.18in;Acrylic Glass Plate: 18.5*18.5cm/7.28*7.28in;Mandala Template: 13*13cm/5.12*5.12in.
🌈Perfect art gift: The activity kit made of stained glass is an ideal gift for people who like to paint and make personalized items. At the same time, this is a great art project for people who are creative and/or meditating.
🌈Window Art DIY Decorations: After the leisure mosaic kit is finished, it can be perfect decoration for home, office, coffee shop, bookstore and other places.Can play a perfect decorative effect.
🌈Stained Glass Painting Kits: 2 PCS Picture Frame+ 4 PCS Mandala Pattern Template. 💟Note: The package does not include painting pens!In order to prevent the colors from mixing together, please paint non-adjacent areas first, let them dry, and then return to these areas to complete another color.


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