Portable Golf Ball Club



Price: $14.90
(as of Apr 11,2021 15:16:11 UTC – Details)

100% Cotton
Material: Made with 100% cotton inside, 100% Polyurethane outside of towel.
Clean your golf ball, iron head, and iron shaft: Our towel is designed for clean various, and essential parts for making your golf shot clean and ready.
INSIDE for easy clean, OUTSIDE to protect from wet: We researched current ball towel’s typical problems like getting your pants and hands wet from ball towel while playing in 18 holes. Thus we used water proof material made of Polyurethane to split the inside and outside to solve this problem.
DRAG and CLEAN by a retractable hook: We invented this retractable hook to clean more conveniently regardless the position of the towel. Just drag the towel and clean it.
Abstract design: Make your golf day a bit different from typical ones. Unique design and vivid color will make your fashion style distinctive in golf field.


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