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Do you want to discover which medicinal herbs and spices can best support your body and why?

For centuries, herbs and spices have been widely accepted as nutritional powerhouses by traditional medicine experts and in folk medicine. In recent years, general knowledge about the potential medicinal benefits of herbs and spices has become more widespread. Today, herbs are a vital part of every health-conscious menu, and serve as staples in the keto diet, anti-inflammatory diet, plant-based diet, alkaline diet, and the paleo diet alike.

Most of the easily accessible, everyday herbs and spices featured in this book have been used in various traditional medicines for centuries, and are also showing promising results in modern research.

In this evidence-based no-fuss guide, you’ll learn all about how the herbs you might only know to sprinkle on your pasta can actually provide impressive nutritional and health benefits for you. Featuring:

The top 21 everyday herbs and spices with the widest range of potential health benefits

Which aspects of human health each of them can positively influence

When to watch out for dosage or allergies

The best way to consume herbs and spices for maximum benefits

Short but potent, this book features all the necessary information you need to decide whether purposely using medicinal herbs might be for you, and to kick-start your own journey towards supporting your body and your health. Curious? Grab your copy right now!


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