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American Excelsior Company: Power-Stop Archery Target (16″ x 16″ x 14″, 350fps)

Don’t waste your time on throwaway targets! Power-Stop is made from precision layered high-density polyethylene foam to create a lightweight target with high stopping power, superior reusability, and easy arrow and bolt retrieval.

These targets are rated for 350 feet per second shooting. This is perfect for compound bows, crossbows, field tips, and broadheads.

These targets are 6-sided to give you long-lasting daily use. The target is lightweight and transports easily with a simple carry handle. From the backyard to the woods, to the range your Power-Stop can go wherever you do!Features

  • Black
  • Ultra-Durable Foam Construction
  • Six-Sided
  • Battleship Target Game on One Side
  • 350fps
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Arrow Retrieval

    American Excelsior Company specializes in creating foam for industrial and commercial purposes. All too often archery targets use scrap foam and fall apart quickly, so we decided to create specially made targets with high-density precision layered foam that stops quick, retrieves easily, lasts longer, and is lighter weight than the competition. All of our targets are made in the USA. Start using the best, start using Power-Stop.

    EASY RETRIEVAL: The nature of our layered foam core means arrows in your shooting area pull out easier. The layers localize damage to the target helping it last longer and let go of arrows easier.
    SHOOT YOUR WAY: These targets are rated for arrows and bolts at up to 350fps. It’s the perfect 3D block target for shooting compound bows, broadheads, field tips, and crossbows. This target features 6-sided shooting with a battleship game on one side.
    MADE FOR YOU: This target comes in at 16″ x 16″ x 14″ and is a lightweight 9.6lbs for easy transport. Shoot in the backyard, woods, range, or anywhere you please with Power-Stop 3D Block Targets.
    AMERICAN EXCELSIOR COMPANY: Foam fabrication is our core business. We sought to bring high-quality, ultra-density foam to archery targets to create reusable targets that would last for long periods of daily use. All of our targets are made in the USA. Start using the best, start using Power-Stop.

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