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Prois logo with women wearing Prois Hunting apparel
Prois logo with women wearing Prois Hunting apparel


prois performance womens hunting gear
prois performance womens hunting gear

What sets Prois apart is our belief that women require performance outdoor gear for their hunting and field pursuits. We select only the top-rated performance fabrics to provide wind stopping, wicking, waterproofing, silence, and thermoregulation. We create each item to maximize efficiency and functionality in the field, utilizing signature features. We engineer all of our gear expressly for women and we maintain creative control in each and every piece we manufacture.

Prois Torai Midweight Glove – Women’s Midweight Hunting Glove

Prois’ Torai Gloves are perfect for cold weather hunting. Created specifically to fit the hand of a woman, the Torai gloves are THE accessory every female hunter needs in her pack. Designed with silicone print grips on the palmar surface and C22 TOUCH on the front and back of index finger and thumb.

Veil Cumbre Camouflage Pattern
94.5% Polyester 5.5% Spandex Shell
Insulated with 40 Gm Thinsulate and Lined
Lightweight Glove


We are committed to you, the female hunter.

Female Hunter

Female Hunter

woman hunter in full camo

woman hunter in full camo

Our story

Our story

The Female Hunter

As a female hunter, your craft is not a means to an end. It is a process of discovery, learning and application. Hand-me-downs or make-do gear are not options for you. Your pursuit is your passion and the gear you choose is vital to your overall success. You are a female hunter…Take pride in NOT being one of the guys.

Engineered for Women

Our layering systems are quite technical, but philosphically simple…optimal baselayers, prime insulation layers, and durable shell layers to stop wind and water. Our comprehensive lines allow the female hunter to select the precise system she needs for her body type, hunting climate, and geography.

Our Story

The Prois story begins in the high country of Colorado where Prois Founder/CEO, Kirstie Pike, recognized the overall lack in performance-driven hunting gear for women. In 2008 Prois launched to great acclaim and has held fast to it’s original construct… providing female hunters with the very best hunting gear for any climate, geography or species.

Prois Size Chart
Prois Size Chart


Athletic Cut

Exclusive Cumbre Camouflage



Base Layer

Merino Wool




PERFORMANCE: Designed with silicone print grips on the palmar surface and C22 TOUCH on the front and back of index finger and thumb. Engineered with a 94.5% Polyester 5.5% Spandex shell, insulated with 40 Gm Thinsulate and lined with Odor-X anti-odor technology. These gloves provide optimal warmth, comfort, and accessibility.
DESIGN: Available in Prois’ exclusive Veil Cumbre camouflage pattern, with Prois P shaped silicone print grips on the palmar surface enhance grip. The elastic wristband eliminates draft, the bottom portion of the cuff is lined with an ultra-plush gray butter pile fleece for added comfort and warmth during cold-weather hunts.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: For long-lasting results, machine wash, line dry or tumble dry low. Of course, only heed these instructions if you want your garments to last. Otherwise…go nuts.
PROIS: At Prois, performance fabric choices are EVERYTHING. We believe the cornerstone to the best outdoor gear lies in its fabrics. We have absolute clarity in all we do. We manufacture and market the highest performance hunting and field gear for women.


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