Q.AWXI Golf Laser Rangefinder,



Price: $962.93
(as of Apr 13,2021 11:05:24 UTC – Details)

Model: PF3S
Range: 600/1000
Power supply: 3V, CR2 (Not including battery)
Unit of measurement: meter (m), yard (Yd)
Ranging error: ±0.5m
Measuring angle range: -45°~45°
Ballistic compensation angle range: -20°~20°
Angle measurement error: ±1°
Laser wavelength: 905nm
Vision safety: FDA (CFR21)
Field of view: 7°
Telescope magnification: 6X telescope
Objective lens aperture: 22mm
Telescope eyepiece aperture: 16mm
Exit pupil diameter: 3.7mm
Diopter: ±5D
Diopter adjustment: eyepiece adjustment
Operating temperature: 0PC~+40°C
Tripod screw hole: √
Two-point height measurement function: √
Ranging at any two points: √
Continuous ranging function: √
Flagpole lock function: √
Angle sensor switch: √
Golf ballistic compensation function: √
Speed ??measurement: √
External display: √
External display switch: √
Speed ??range: 18-300km/h
Liquid crystal display: Transflective LCD Transflective LCD
Size: 118*79*42mm
Weight: (without battery) 223g

Packing list:
1*Golf rangefinder
1*Instructions for use
(Not including battery)
[Distance measurement between two points in space]: It can quickly measure the distance and height between electric towers, the distance and height between trees, and the length and height of outdoor billboards in a variety of application scenarios.
[Angle switch]: Angle switch has been added. When the angle is on and the angle sensor is off, all measurement modes of the angle can be used. Will not enable all angle-related functions, only the ranging function and the ranging scanning function
[Flagpole lock function]: Flagpole lock mode (short-distance priority ranging), when measuring small objects in the distance, eliminate peripheral interference and prioritize locking of the nearest measurement target for ranging.
[6x telephoto system]: 6x fixed-focus optical telephoto system, 7° field of view, equipped with coated lens, bright field of view makes the measured object clearer and longer measurement distance, it is a good helper for observation, ranging and observation .


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