Realistic Boobies Pillow



What is the booby pillow?

The Booby Pillow is the most realistic and best-designed breast shaped pillow ever created. Made of high quality memory foam that feels incredibly soft. Shaped like large F-size breasts. Available in a variety of custom made covers, each designed to show off the pillow in unique ways.

The Red Dancer cover is made of Spandex, the same high quality fabric used by exotic dancers. Known for its form fitting and soft qualities it makes the perfect pillow cover for our boobs. Realistic Boobies Pillow

Our goal with this cover was to create something as form fitting as possible with as few visible seams as possible. The end result is a cover that is incredibly soft to the touch as well as visually simple letting the shape speak for itself. Realistic Boobies Pillow

The booby pillow itself is made of 100% high density memory foam. The pillow is designed to be similar to that of cup-size F breasts. That makes the shape not only beautiful to look at but also incredibly comfortable.

You can use the booby pillow to rest your head on while you sleep, watch tv or read a book. It’s the perfect snuggle companion in bed too. Or leave it out and display it for your friends to see. It’s guaranteed to spark great conversation.


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