Releasing Emotional Patterns



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NEW EDITION FOR 2020! Includes several new emotions and essential oils.Are you bogged down by your emotions? Do you feel trapped in emotional ruts? Are you frustrated trying to rationalize your way around your emotions? Happily, the process to clear stagnant emotional blocks and patterns is easy!Emotions are stored at a cellular level in specific organs within the body. They must be cleared at this level in order to be released. Essential oils access these stuck emotions at their deepest level, by accessing the limbic portion of the brain, which is the seat of emotions. This is not a new technique – it was employed by the ancient Egyptians.”Releasing Patterns With Essential Oils” is a practical, step-by-step guide providing a natural remedy for emotional cleansing. It offers over 160 pages including charts, diagrams, and easy-to-follow instructions. Join the thousands of people who have removed the emotional roadblocks to a happier life!Oils Lookup oils referenced in the book are universal. Blends refer to Young Living formulations.


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