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At A&A Maple, our family’s small business, we specialize in pure maple sugar. We focus on the art and science of making the highest quality, pure maple sugar. A&A Maple ‘Reserve Label’ is a limited edition pure maple sugar. The Reserve Label is for the connoisseur with a refined palate, who demands the very best. The sugar is a shade darker than normal maple sugar with a more robust, distinct maple flavor. Every year more and more maple syrup producers use reverse osmosis in their sugar house. Using reverse osmosis equipment is more efficient and less expensive. The result is a maple syrup much lighter in color with a mild flavor. For most, this makes a perfect mass market maple syrup. Yet, there are still small producers who rely on the old methods. A hardwood fired evaporator. Sap sourced from a small southern facing sugar maple stand. These old-timers maintain the traditions from before technology took over the industry. This is where we source our syrup to make Reserve Label maple sugar. Every year, these maple syrup craftsman might make a couple gallons of non-buddy, extra dark maple syrup. We offer these craftsman a premium price for their exceptionally flavored extra dark syrup. We estimate that only 1 in 2500 barrels of syrup meet our quality and taste standards each year. As such we simply cannot offer the Reserve Label year round. Once we acquire the pure maple syrup with the perfect taste, we will make and offer the best maple sugar on the market. Enjoy!

Made From 100%, Grade A Extra Dark, Maple Syrup
Fine Textured, Triple Sifted
Absolute Best Maple Sugar On The Market
Delightfully Sweet! The Original American Sweetener


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